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Month: June 2024

Artwork Feature: TenderTinyArtist

I recently received the gift of some beautiful artwork from my friend TenderTinyArtist, @tiny_renders on Twitter. They also recently joined DeviantArt.

I adore their work, their curvy giantesses (anyone who has “trademark stretchmarks” for their work gets my unending support), and the way they show everyday moments in sizey situations. I often feel very “seen” by what they post.

Recently they wanted to give me some art and were thoughtful enough to ask first which way I was feeling: big or small? I was able to give them a range (between an inch and maybe cat-sized) and they responded with this truly fantastic little scene.

Rendered artwork by Tender Tiny Artist showing a 6 inch tall Elle standing on a bed and looking up at the camera. She's got pink wavy hair, pale skin, and a fuller figure that is mostly exposed, as she is clutching purple lace panties around her body. Behind her is a massive matching purple bra, a cell phone, and at her feet a bottle labeled "Little Lotion, Max Strength, Good for Down to 6 inches" with something white spilled from it.
Created by TinyTenderArtist ( and shared with their permission. Do not repost without permission.

It made me feel small in the best way. Also, love all that purple!!

I always love it when you can see a story within a single image. Hats off to artists who can visualize ways to tell whole narratives within one frame—I usually need at least 2000 words!

Please go give them a follow and support their work!