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If there’s anything I love almost as much about writing and reading kinky erotica, it’s wondering why, oh why, we have these kinky thoughts and feelings in the first place. I love exploring the erotic impulses and the way they reinforce, contradict, and intertwine with our lives, identities, and society. (Doesn’t everybody get off to a good essay that cites sources? No? Just me?)

Libba Bray said, “Write like it matters, and it will.” You might wonder why someone would spend so much time and effort on kink philosophy or how an online space influences erotic expression and connection. The only answer I have is that these topics matter a lot to me. I invite you to ponder alongside me.


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Content Tags: Accessibility, Edgeplay, & Surprise Sex

I am very proud of this piece, which took me three years to write. A guide on tagging, which is the only way I know for people online to have the chance to opt in or out of a sexual experience with fully informed consent. The first part defines tags, explains the difference between tags/warnings, and then discusses why tags are good. In the second part I offer suggestions for how to tag things, recommend the top 16 tags to always use, and share a list of 130+ tags important to the size kink community. I use a variety of examples, with primary focus on #SizeTwitter, erotic fiction, and art.

Linked table of contents available for browsing. Tags will be provided for each section, but here is an overall list for this article: alcohol, alcoholism, migraines, seizures, mental health, PTSD, flashbacks, trauma, veterans, war, mentions of offensive gender slurs, homophobia, and gendered violence, noncon, mentions and discussions of a variety of kink-related tags, including death, violence, blood, rape, abuse, drug and alcohol use, weight play, and more; free resources for survivors of violence.

11387 words. Published 2022, last updated 2024.


Embracing My Inner Size Slut

My kinky philosophy on fantasies about giving up control and becoming a carefree slut. I explore some ways that Giant/tiny fantasies address the topic of control in consensual and nonconsensual ways. I consider how this ties in with stress, bodily autonomy, internal and external boundaries, and reaffirming agency. I explore a documentary on sex and a 1987 survey of American romance novels, delving into how we use particular erotic fantasies to absolve ourselves of social stigma, while still seeking pleasure. I also offer research statistics around different kinds of sexual fantasies to show we are not alone. “To all you sluts out there who post unapologetic smut and your kinkiest fantasies… Thank you. You help me feel better about being my own unapologetically slutty self.”

Tags: discussion of agency, bodily autonomy; nonconsensual themes in size play, hypnosis, mind control and bimbofication; discussion of research on sexual fantasies around forced sex; mentions of trauma and resources for survivors of sexual assault.

2532 words. Published 2022, updated 2023 with more research.


Hiatus How To: When, how & why to take a break from NSFW Twitter

An exploration of the creative, social, and mental health benefits of taking breaks and experimenting with different kinds of boundaries in online kink communities. How can a break help with my creative blocks? How is taking a hiatus like using a safeword? How do I support someone else going on hiatus? I share tips, research studies, scripts to adapt for your own use, book recommendations, and free resources for therapy and counseling.

Linked table of contents available for browsing. Tags: discussion of mental health, depression, addiction, abuse, trauma, and anxiety.

11053 words. Published 2022.


Kinky Scribble Challenge

An overview of kinky scribbles as a flash-fiction writing or drawing exercise to help creatives produce erotic content in a short amount of time,  give it minimal edits, then release it into the wild for others to enjoy. Includes links to my annual September Kinky Scribble Challenges.

Tags: mention of anxiety and creative blocks.

1033 words. Published 2021, updated annually.


NSFW Twitter Tips & SizeTwitter Guide

Navigating Twitter/X can be exciting and nerve-wracking. Add in the additional complexity of kink and sex, and it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin. I offer a PDF of the 47-slide presentation I gave at SizeCon Micro, with resources I recommend to anyone getting started, or for anyone who wants advice on making the most out of their NSFW Twitter experience. Includes: Top 3 things to prevent people from assuming you’re a bot (and blocking you), how to make your own avatar for free, what to put in your bio and pinned tweet, twitter lingo, common etiquette, accessibility, how to find your people, how to set boundaries, tips for tagging, and some alternatives to X. Includes links to two long threads from 2021 and 2022 with community-sourced advice.

Linked table of contents available for browsing.

430 words plus presentation. Published 2022.


Recap on Creativity & Rest for 2022

A year in the life of a size kink writer, with achievements in context. There are bar graphs, spreadsheets, and sexy, sexy data. Compare my word counts from year to year. See pie charts of how Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AiWS) affects my size dysmorphia. See statistics of how often I felt submissive, Dominant, how many sexual experiences I had, how often I felt ashamed, brave, afraid, grateful, or hopeful. Also covers some of the collaborative work I did with others to create a Mastodon server as an alternative to Twitter/X.

Tags: discussion of sex, masturbation, mental health diagnoses, C-PTSD, size dysmorphia and AiWS, dissociation, burnout, panic attacks, grief, and shame, balanced with a variety of positive emotions like gratitude, hope, and determination.

2940 words. Published 2023.


Sexual Brakes, Trauma, & Kink in the Burning 20’s: A Review of Come As You Are

“It’s okay if your brain and body want sex when you are stressed. It’s okay if they want it less. Both are normal—even during a pandemic and an uprising. There’s science to prove it. Research also shows that big feelings (like fear of getting sick, or anger at injustice) can be processed and released before they do lasting harm to you or your life. I share excerpts from Emily Nagoski’s book Come As You Are and two others to show how we might be able to use kink to do the same thing.”

Linked table of contents available for browsing. Tags: mentions of the pandemic, police brutality, racism, violence, murder, assault, AIDS, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and trauma responses. I also cover topics ranging from BDSM and impact play, to polyamory, to microphilia/macrophilia, and size dysmorphia and kink-related fantasies.

11219 words. Published 2020.


Size Dysmorphia: A Sizeshifter Origin Story

An in-depth look at my experience with size dysmorphia, Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, and how I came to have a size kink, and how I eventually joined the community after lurking for many years—and telling myself I would take my secret to the grave.

Tags: some NSFW artwork and language, discussion of body dysmorphic disorder, gender dysphoria, grief, gun violence, depression, neurodivergence, kink, microphilia, macrophilia, and shame.

10477 words. Published 2018.


Size Dysmorphia, Size Euphoria

A shorter introduction to the concepts of size dysmorphia, euphoria, and Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. Includes information about my diagnosis of AiWS by a neurologist who had the condition in childhood.

Tags: body dysmorphia and dysphoria, neurology, brain health, migraines, tumors, therapy, mental health and emotions.

2199 words. Published 2021.


Taking Up Space

Unveiling my commissioned avatar artwork by DTV_Art and celebrating by sharing one of my favorite pieces of writing, first shared on Tumblr, about growing and taking up space in the world. “It’s okay to feel small. It’s okay to feel large. It’s okay to take up whatever space you need to take up, in this world. I need this reminder now, as much as I ever have. Maybe you do, too.”

Tags: growth out of clothes, constriction, mention of choking, nudity, empowerment.

1234 words. (Seriously.) Published 2016, 2019.