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About Elle Largesse

Abbreviated Bio

NSFW kinky polyamorous bi/pan erotica writer | she/her | Giantess, tiny, sizeshifter | no oral vore & hard trauma limit physical violence | avatar by DTV_art | Find me on SizeTwitter as @mightytinygiant

Full Bio

I’m a sizeshifting bisexual/pansexual polyamorous kinky erotica writer. I’m fine with Elle, Ms. Elle, Miss Elle, Mistress Elle, etc. but please ask before you assume my size or D/s mood. Learn more about why that matters in Size Dysmorphia / Size Euphoria, or Size Dysmorphia: A Sizeshifter Origin Story.

Writing: I write erotica featuring a range of genders, sexualities, and sizes. I enjoy shifting power dynamics and the act of shrinking or growing. Many of my stories feature a strong emotional component, because I find that adds richness to the story and creates a meaningful sexual experience for me.

Audio: I enjoy reading my own work, and sometimes the work of others, at live events like SizeCon, and in recorded files that I share here or r/GoneWildAudio.

Kink interests: shrinking, growing, breast/ass/cock expansion, BDSM, mouthplay, insertion, smothering (w/ tiny unharmed), noncon, humiliation, emotional cruelty, objectification, hypnosis, bimbofication, mind control, nurturing/comforting scenes, romance, catharsis

Kink hard no’s: oral vore; anthro; age play; toilet play; I have a hard PTSD trauma limit for physical violence

How this blog came to be

I made my presence known to the “Giant/tiny” community on Tumblr in December of 2015.

Three years and ten days after beginning this experiment in sensuality, I created this privately hosted website to continue the conversation and share my work on my own terms, with less threat of censorship.

This blog is mostly NSFW / 18 & up only. You’ll find original writing and collages, and occasional RP. Topics covered include shrinking and growth, microphilia and macrophilia.

I have a thing for licking, lips, insertion, breast expansion, and obscenely large cocks. I like very softcore “pre-vore” like tongue and mouth play, but oral vore is a hard no for me. Physical violence is my other hard limit, and the furthest I take this is with smothering or butt crushes, always with the tiny unharmed. I play with emotional cruelty and non-consensual acts, and will provide content warnings accordingly. Beware the puns.


Support me & connect

Twitter: @mightytinygiant

SFW alt Twitter: @mightytinyg_sfw



Discord: mightytinygiant#3569

SFW G/t Tumblr blog (mostly inactive):


Disclaimers & Acknowledgements

All content and characters depicted on this blog are 18 & up and belong to me unless specifically noted.

Header of About Me page is a commissioned portrait of Elle by the ever amazing illustrator Bert of EdNEm3. See the full version: An Ongoing Experiment in Sexuality.

Avatar is a commissioned portrait of Elle by the talented and friendly DTV_art. See the full version: Taking Up Space.

Website hosting assistance from the wonderful Kreeyz.