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A Sparkly Femme Size Orgy

So, one night over a year ago, I was a little drunk and dazzled by everything I was learning about how to transform my unruly, wavy hair into gorgeous curls. It was a revelation, and my femme side felt big and shiny, like a toy that wanted to be shown off, like something that needed to explode in a kinky sapphic celebration: a sparkly femme size orgy. So I wrote one.

It began as a kinky scribble but loved it so much I kept returning to it, adding here, growing it there. Shrinking some parts a little, as a treat.

I held off on publishing it because I wasn’t quite satisfied with it. And because I had a strong vision of making line art based on one of my favorite queer memes, which is featured in the story. I was determined to achieve my vision using my rusty Adobe Illustrator skills. I got pretty far with it but again, wasn’t satisfied, to the point where I don’t think I’ll share it here. I told myself I would just wait for an artist with a complimentary style to be available for commissions, hopefully while I have money to buy some art. (The stars still haven’t aligned on that, which is why I’m using the meme as a header.)

Recently, my wonderful partner in the kink community, pseudo_size (she/they/he) challenged me to stop overthinking things and just release one of the many stories collecting dust in my Google Drive. She did this with love and with patience, I might add, but also added a key ingredient: a deadline.

I have of course blown past this deadline by nearly two hours, but that’s okay. I have sexy-wrestled this piece into a place I think is very satisfying. She’ll understand if I’m a bit late, and I think She’ll still be proud of me for making this happen today. I’m so grateful for her support!

Anyway, please enjoy this cutesy, kinky, sparkly femme size orgy! Its resemblance to any recent highly pink media in theaters right now is entirely coincidence.

If any of the other spectacular gals and femme pals in the Size Kink community know how to manifest an evening like this, CALL ME.


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Story synopsis

Four women with size shifting abilities share a bottle of wine and some hair and makeup tips, then get so turned on by their own gorgeousness that they have an orgy to revel in their own sexuality, size, and power.


Story content

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TEXT VERSION: Read the text version of the story behind the cut.

AUDIO VERSION: I recorded audio for an earlier version of this story. If I get enough requests, I will either release the old one or re-record a new one.