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Size Erotica: If You Could Be a Sex Toy

I’m celebrating the start of spooky season by releasing a size kink transformation fantasy! Skip to the story content section if you want to jump right in.

I’m a witch all year round, but I like leaning into it during this time of year. Witches in kinky erotica combine some of my favorite tropes: power exchange, feminine domination, and changes like growth or shrinking without need for explanation. It also opens the door to darker elements, depending on my mood.

I wrote this while on hiatus, intending to release it without edits as a kinky scribble. I kept coming back to it, though, as one of the few things that turned me on during my month-long break. At 5560 words, with three rounds of edits, and five separate orgasms, I have to admit this thing is no longer a scribble. It’s a happy, sexy mess, and it’s time for me to let it go.

I suspect I’ve been hanging onto it out of a vague sense of embarrassment. This “living dildo” kink is one of my classic go-to erotic fantasies, but I don’t see it represented often. I almost used it for Cocktober back in 2019, but was too shy and ended up writing Trick, Treat instead. This kink also tied to one of my early mistakes in the size kink community, so there’s part of me that wants to tuck it in a drawer and pretend I never get off to this, never wrote 5,000 words about how hot I find it, and definitely never made questionable choices because of it. But, as I wrote in the Twitter thread linked above, “BDSM is a skillset, a culture, a language. We need space for people to learn safely AND a place for people to make mistakes to learn.” Hiding this kink because I made a mistake that mortified me doesn’t help anyone. Sharing a whole story instead is one way for me to fight shame and give myself the same grace and acceptance I know we all deserve.

Anyway, I don’t know how much of my size kink audience will be here for a transformation scene like this, but sometimes writing kinky stories is just about having a fantasy that turns you on and leaning into it, just because it feels good. This is what felt good to me. If it’s the kind of thing that feels good to you, too, then I hope you enjoy it!

(If not, well, stick around. I have some more mainstream stories coming soon!)

Oh, and one more note. The “prose poetry orgasms” at the end were a total experiment. Sometimes when I spend a lot of time with mind control kinks, I start thinking more in kinky poetry and less in prose. If it helps, know that I wrote most of that part one-handed~


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Story synopsis

Kim convinces her friends to join her at a sex toy party hosted by the richest woman in town, hoping they’ll forget their troubles for one magical night. But as they all find out the hard way, the real magic is the sex toys they become along the way.


Story content

Tagging is the only way I know for people online to be able to opt in or out of a sexual experience with fully informed consent. I welcome help in tagging—please let me know when I have missed anything important.

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Content tags: F/f, shrinking, growing, noncon, mind control, mild bimbofication, mention of spanking, objectification, transformation, genital transformation, lady with a cock, growth of cock and balls, disproportionate growth, living dildo, mild humiliation, helplessness, worship, and prose poetry orgasms


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Size Poem: Tits & A Shrinking Kink

Apparently when I spend a whole day editing size kink erotica with a hypnosis scene, it’s surprisingly easy for me to drop myself into subspace by writing a four-tweet tranced out shrinking poem. I would’ve kept going but I lost my words. Yay, sexy self discovery!


Tits & A Shrinking Kink

By Elle Largesse

Copyright 2022, all rights reserved.


Anyone else out there with tits and a shrinking kink like to unfasten their bra inside their clothes and just let it slide around in there for a bit?

It usually makes me feel like I’m shrinking.

Bra too big? Good.

Body too small for the bra? Good.

Shrinking good.

nipples brushing against the underwire

the cups floating up over my breasts, pushing the fabric of my dress awkwardly

like the dress is too big for me too

straps sliding off my shoulders

I’m just too small for any of these clothes

I should be naked

tinies should be naked

I’m reminded that, no matter how small I get,

even kneeling in my own bra cup,

I’m blessed w breasts just barely big enough suck on myself

so now I’m tiny & naked (bc tinies should be naked)
& I’m kneeling in my own bra cup
& I’m hefting a breast to suck my own nipple

my mouth on my own breast feels good

almost good as shrinking

but it makes big sounds



now I feel even smaller, sucking hard, making big wet sounds that fill the room

sounds like this shouldn’t be allowed for someone tiny as I am

tiny, and getting smaller.


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Header image credit to Maëliss Demaison on Unsplash.