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Size Erotica: Anne & the King’s Miniaturist

Once upon a time, I won a contest with a short scene between a shrunken artist and one of the future wives of Henry VIII. That was either two years ago or 482 years ago, depending on your perspective.

I love history and historical fiction, and was so excited when the theme of SizeRiot’s 2020 July Contest was announced to be history. I had studied Tudor history in college, but I wasn’t sure which topic to choose for my story until my metamour began listening to SIX: The Musical, about the six wives of Henry VIII. I loved the confident, empowered spin they put on Anne of Cleves living her best divorced life in “Get Down,” but it was the (admittedly ridiculous) “Haus of Holbein” that really got me thinking.

The key to the story came when I did more research and learned that the man who painted the fateful, controversial portrait of Anne was also famous for his miniatures. What if Hans Holbein was able to “raise the art of the portrait miniature to its first peak of brilliance,” according to one historian, because he had the ability to shrink? What if he kept that skill secret but was discovered? What would that moment be like? By the time I decided Hans had never before felt human contact while small, I was hooked on this idea.

Jump to the story, or scroll on for historical context and nerdery. (You won’t need it to enjoy the story, I promise.)


Inspired by true events

Legend has it that Anne of Cleves was the least attractive of the wives of Henry VIII. So naturally, I wanted to write a story where someone saw her beauty and found her compelling.

As the story goes, the king sent his favorite portrait artist Hans Holbein around Europe to paint pictures of the candidates for his fourth bride. When Holbein returned with the paintings, he was most impressed with Anne of Cleves and agreed to let his minister Cromwell arrange the marriage in winter of 1540. The legend would have us believe that Anne proved to be “ugly as a Flanders Mare,” as one historian insulted her centuries later. Henry was allegedly repulsed by her and annulled the marriage within six months so he could move on to one of Anne of Cleves’ more attractive ladies in waiting, Anne Howard.

The more I researched her story, the more I wanted to know about Anne of Cleves and what her life was like. The pieces fell into place when I learned a more likely chain of events from Dr. Katrina Marchant, shared in the 20-minute video below. In a nutshell: King Henry’s unrealistic expectations, his chivalric (and naïve) belief that true love will recognize itself even in disguise, and above all, his wounded masculine pride were the real problems in the situation. (CW for the video: descriptions of sexual assault, fat shaming, the king’s illness from a wound, and Henry being an unmitigated asshole.)

There was also the fact that Henry’s first three wives were all “small women” and Anne of Cleves was likely a taller German woman. If you happen to find that interesting at all.

Where was Anne in all of this? I agree with Dr. Marchant’s arguments that she was probably “not unpleasant to look upon.” But who was she? Was Anne shy? Bold? She was certainly sheltered, because of her culture’s traditions that had women largely sequestered in a Frauenzimmer, where men were forbidden. There’s some debate about whether Anne learned any kind of sex education in this setting. It was a point of contention during the annulment: did she know what was needed to produce an heir? Her ladies in waiting claimed that she believed a kiss was sufficient. I chose to write a story about an Anne who was, at the age of 25, still curious about men and their bodies.

I nearly titled my story “The King’s Miniaturist” because it reads easier. But to me the story was just as much about Anne of Cleves as it was about the artist who painted her. I may have written from Hans’ point of viewI couldn’t resist the poetic perspective of an artist, especially a tiny onebut it is not just his story. That felt important to me.

As for Hans Holbein the Younger, a German-Swiss painter considered one of the greatest portraitists of the 16th century, even if you haven’t heard of him you have probably still seen his work. He painted the most iconic images of Henry VIII, as well as Erasmus, Thomas More, and Thomas Cromwell, who arranged the marriage between Anne and Henry, and who Henry actually put to death after the annulment. (Hans remained alive, employed, and unpunished, more evidence to suggest that the painting was faithful and Henry was merely nursing his wounded pride.)

You may have noticed that I have not linked to the Wikipedia article about Hans. That’s because the only remaining portrait of him (giving his best bearded Bruce Willis impression) includes what is a truly unfortunate haircut by modern standards. And I honestly don’t want my readers to be distracted. Speaking of which, check out his artistic skill! What a lovely painting he created of Anne, am I right?

I dare you to click on the image to open up the full file, lean close, and soak in those details.  (If that doesn’t work, you can see more detail on the website of the Louvre, where it lives today.)

Try to see the work through the eyes of an artist, someone who had to build this masterpiece one brushstroke at a time. Try to imagine how much easier it would be to paint such intricate work if you had the ability to close up your studio, lock the door, and shrink yourself in secret.

A painting of a woman in a gold and red velvet gown with ornate embroidery, an elaborate gold cap and veil, and lots of jewelry. She is peaceful, with pale skin, dark eyes, no hair visible under her cap, and her hands folded demurely in her lap. Portrait by Hans Holbein the Younger, 1539.
Portrait of Anne of Cleves by Hans Holbein the Younger (c.1539). Held by the Louvre Museum, Paris.

Reviews & Contest Feedback

One thing I miss the most about the SizeRiot contests was the feedback. If I had the energy, I would love to create some kind of writers’ circle within the size kink community that could help us trade feedback and grow as writers. I would not be the writer I am today without those contests, particularly the supportive feedback.

It took me several tries over two years to solve the issues that readers had with the original 2000-word story. I hope, if you gave me helpful feedback in 2020, that you feel this is a clearer, less rushed, and more polished rendition. I am grateful for your insight and kindness.

(Mild spoilers in the reviews)

“Took hold of me right away; loved the story of this teasing, lustful adventure.”

“A superbly written and penned piece; subtle, steeped in the history and significance of the time, and ultimately a very sultry extract from the lives of two people who may only have ever interacted with significance that one time… An enjoyable story with a saucy little ending. ”

“Delicious, like a piece of fruit. The writing lingers in the mind, mixes with reality, and gives me the sense of scale, of the juxtaposition of the real Anne and the Miniaturist’s painting.”

“The details and language of this story were impressively rich and vivid. Not only did you know your era well… but you also built palpable sexual tension between them and allowed them to explore it… One of the sexiest stories in the contest.”

“A very poetic and delicate story. Tiny Hans is racked with political fear, Anne is confident in her authority and is moved by her desires. Together they make an interesting dance, as he has to overcome himself to receive the gift he has fantasized over for so long.”

“I loved how scandalous it was for them to be together in the way they were. It was cute how he was so worried about the wet paint, rightfully so! I thought you did a lovely interpretation of a historical period and size erotica. Definitely one of my favorite in this contest.”

“I’ve always loved the concept of a shrunken artist being able to apply levels of detail impossible for normal sized hands to achieve. This story plays with that trope in a wonderful, and ultimately sexy way… We need more stories like this.”



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If you enjoy this story and want to see/hear more like it, the best way to do that is to support me financially. (The second best way is to boost the signal on my stories and encourage your friends to support me, too.) Thanks, y’all!


Story content

Tagging is the only way I know for people online to be able to opt in or out of a sexual experience with fully informed consent. I welcome help in tagging—please let me know when I have missed anything important.

Tags for this story include: F/m, shrunken man, dubious consent, oral sex, some antiquated language, and English history from the Tudor period


Read the story

TEXT VERSION: Read the text version of the story behind the cut.

AUDIO VERSION: Listen to a 26-minute author-read version of the story here. While I am proud of this reading, I want to let you know I tried out a German accent for the dialogue portions. I watched several videos from native speakers, practiced, and did my best. However, I am still a Texan. I hope it’s more cause for amusement than for offense, because I meant none. Please enjoy!


Size Erotica: Dear Professor, Part 3

I’m pleased to share the climax and conclusion of a story I wrote for my good friend @giant_micro back in January 2020 as a gift. I have revealed it slowly over three parts. Start with “Dear Professor: Part 1” and then enjoy “Dear Professor: Part 2.”

Scroll to the read more if you want to jump right to the story.

Question on BDSM from a fan

A reader reached out to me about “Dear Professor,” curious about the BDSM dynamics and why Ryan would find any of this therapeutic. Wouldn’t it add to his stress?

I thought I might offer my response here for anyone else who shares that curiosity.

The short answer for why it’s therapeutic is the same as how a sub would find it therapeutic to be spanked, flogged, or otherwise consensually abused by a Dom in a BDSM setting.

A BDSM scene is one way to speak the language of the body to prove to your nervous system that you are facing your fears and moving through the stress/painful emotions of your life, that you have survived, that you are safe now. Likewise, the comfort of aftercare is vital to BDSM because it provides that final component for our nervous system to understand that we have fought the lion or outrun it, and made it home to our people safely.

When you deliberately give up your power to someone worthy of your trust, you get to physically explore what it’s like to be powerless within the bounds of a safe space, and prove to your body that you can get through it. You come out on the other side with proof that you can negotiate your boundaries and desires and trust another person to help you survive it. As strange as it sounds, you can earn confidence by choosing an experience like this—it’s a breath of fresh air if you lack agency or control in other parts of your life. Because it’s one thing to understand powerlessness in a philosophical way, and another thing entirely to experience it physically. Viscerally.

(And yes, to me, the act of reading an immersive erotic story counts as a physical experience. The mirror neurons in your brain that activate when you read a story would probably agree. Full disclosure: I have only been lucky enough to experience kink parties in person a handful of times, so most of my first-hand BDSM experience comes from vivid visualizations of erotic size fantasies and role play. Thankfully, the brain and body often cannot tell the difference.)

In this case, Elle in the story is using extreme size difference and her body instead of BDSM toys. Instead of rope, she can rely on the weight of her body to trap Ryan, or the simple elastic tension of her sports bra or leggings to keep his tiny form helpless and at her mercy. Instead of a spanking paddle or leather flogger to help her sub call up emotions like fear or anger, she can prove to Ryan how helpless he is against the landscape of her body—and, as you’ll see in this final chapter—her sex toys.

If you found this interesting, a longer answer is available in my blog post Sexual Brakes, Trauma, & Kink in the Burning 20’s. I cover some of Emily Nagoski’s research on the neuroscience of sexual brakes and accelerators, why we don’t have sex drives, how to use emotions to release stress, and my own recipe on using size kink to achieve that catharsis.

Or you could just, you know, read this extremely kinky thing I created and see what that does for you.


Read the story


Dear Professor: Part 3

By Elle Largesse

Copyright 2021, all rights reserved.

2741 words

Ryan has fought hard to earn her praise, but how will he face the immensity of her body, her willpower, and her undeniable desire?

This F/m story contains shrinking to sizes under a millimeter, breast play, body exploration, insertion, anal, sex toys, entrapment, falling from a height, domination and submission, humiliation, praise, some mind control elements, and aftercare. There are also hints of fear play and dubcon (dubious consent), and processing emotions like anger and helplessness. Not all themes will be present in all parts. I welcome help in tagging—please let me know if I have missed anything important.

Size Erotica: Dear Professor, Part 2

I’m pleased to share the second part of a story I wrote for my good friend @giant_micro back in January 2020 as a gift. I’m revealing it slowly over three weeks, in three parts. Start with “Dear Professor: Part 1.”

Stay tuned at the end of the story for a special treat from a talented artist in the community!


Read the story


Dear Professor: Part 2

By Elle Largesse

Copyright 2021, all rights reserved.

2852 words

Ryan works hard to please his massive friend, shrinking in her bra and down her panties while she works out at the gym, but can he do what it takes to satisfy her?

This F/m story contains shrinking to sizes under a millimeter, breast play, body exploration, insertion, anal, sex toys, entrapment, falling from a height, domination and submission, humiliation, praise, some mind control elements, and aftercare. There are also hints of fear play and dubcon (dubious consent), and processing emotions like anger and helplessness. Not all themes will be present in all parts.

Size Erotica: Dear Professor, Part 1

I’m excited to share a story I wrote for my good friend @giant_micro back in January 2020 as a gift. I’m revealing it slowly over three weeks, in three parts. Scroll to the read more if you want to jump right to the story.

“Dear Professor” explores micro sizes, which I define as “under a millimeter,” so if you enjoyed “The Therapist Will See You Now,” odds are good this one could get your heart racing, too.


Precious Darkness

This story shows off my darker side, playing with humiliation, dubcon, and other elements of size kink that I fantasize about regularly but don’t include in my writing as often. That’s one reason I used my kink name for the protagonist—she’s not me, but she’s a facet of me. I have heard before that some folks consider me “too nice” to have a dark side.

I love my comforting, nurturing scenes. And I love my darker scenes, too. Both are me. Maybe I don’t go as dark as many in our community. And maybe I go too dark for others. I’m the only one who can know what feels good to me to explore, the only one who can test and learn where my limits are.

To quote Dossie Eastman and Janet Hardy at the end of The Topping Book, which offers strategies on how to travel as safely as possible in “your precious darkness”—

All BDSM play is shadow play — when we play together, we find acceptance for emotions and behaviors that would be unacceptable outside scene space. And we believe that all play is potentially, and potently, healing and growthful. When we venture purposefully into our darkest shadows, we get to write our own script, determine the outcome, validate forbidden and rejected parts of ourselves, reclaim parts of ourselves that we had lost or buried, and find ways to grasp all the parts of ourselves, every single one, in a profound act of self-acceptance through which we may become whole.


Read the story


Dear Professor: Part I

By Elle Largesse

Copyright 2021, all rights reserved.

3027 words

A professor agrees to a BDSM shrinking scene to work out some stress with a friend, and discovers just how stressful—and sexy—a body can be at micro sizes.

This F/m story contains shrinking to sizes under a millimeter, breast play, body exploration, insertion, anal, sex toys, entrapment, falling from a height, domination and submission, humiliation, praise, some mind control elements, and aftercare. There are also hints of fear play and dubcon (dubious consent), and processing emotions like anger and helplessness. Not all themes will be present in all parts. I welcome help in tagging—please let me know if I have missed anything important.

Erotic Audio: Trick, Treat

Photo credit José Luís de Oliveira of Unsplash, shared with a creative commons license:

“A surreal, impressionistic treat. ‘Leave the smallness’ is my favorite line. Very evocative smut-language. Memorable giant cock. The submissive narrator voice is both relatable and vivid. This payday was earned.”

I’m proud to share “Trick, Treat,” my entry for the Cocktober 2019 SizeRiot Erotica Contest, hosted by the hardworking and talented Aborigen-gts​. I’m also proud to share that there’s a secret trick to this story! See if you can guess what it is, and check the link at the end to find out.

I appreciate the feedback I received for this story. As always, I’m deeply grateful to my beta readers and everyone who read my work and reviewed it.

The story placed in five of the seven categories:

  • “Grabbed Attention from the Start” – tied for 1st place
  • “Surprised by Interpretation of Theme” – 2nd place
  • “Most Arousing” – tied for 3rd
  • “Challenged You” – tied for 2nd
  • “Best Represented Cocktober Theme” – 3rd place

What did people enjoy most about this story? Here’s what the readers had to say:

“Fantastic mastery of language. Big fucking, growing giants. Nice touch. “Leviathan cock.” Beautiful. You are a mouth… Beautiful metaphor. Nice work. One of my top three favs.”

“Felt unique, I like this approach as it gave readers something a bit different.”

“Trippy and novel. Definitely a story that I’d read more of.”

“Translated almost directly into images in the mind; lots of beautiful language used to describe terrible destruction.”

“Awesome story from beginning to end filled with a tense energy.”

“A signature storyteller at heart here.”


Ready for more? You have two options to enjoy:

AUDIO VERSION: Listen to a 20-minute author-read version of the story here.

Thanks to Dick, The Micro Giant, for Audio Engineering this piece! Please give him a follow on Twitter, as I wouldn’t be able to do this without his expertise. He takes commissions for anyone else interested in doing audio work, too!



TEXT VERSION: Read the full story behind the cut.