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Getting Handsy

I wrote a messy kinky scribble last night! That’s my second (completed) Scribble for my September Kinky Scribbles Challenge. I started it at 6pm and wrapped it up around 11pm with maybe 1.5 rounds of edits.

Many thanks to Njord and aminifriend for braving some Friday night writing sprints with me to help get words on the page (oh my God we did seven sprints??) and thanks to my partner pseudo_size for reminding me it’s supposed to be imperfect and I could let it go.

Thanks also to Kate Sloan of Girly Juice for articles on spanking that inspired me to get extra handsy with this story. My favorite on this topic was probably How to Get a Vanilla Person to Spank You Properly.

(CW impact play mention) A note on the graphics and wordcount discrepancy: I originally had about four more paragraphs that involved impact play similar to strokes with a paddle, but for several reasons I ended up removing it. I suppose I might edit this later after a beta read of that section, but for now I just want it to stand as it is for the sake of this challenge.

Anyway, no more thoughts, just sexy writing. Enjoy, my lovelies~

kinky scribble is a flash fiction exercise I developed to help me level up as a writer, to create stories and let them go. I envy artists who can scribble a sketch and share it unfinished into the wild for people to enjoy. This is my answer to that for writers. Feel free to join in yourself, and share with #KinkyScribble so others can find it. If you want to take the September challenge, use #SeptKinkyScribble.



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Story synopsis

Hand sex with a loving partner! Shrinking in public, on purpose! Tiny women who are into spanking and asking for what they want!


Story content

Tagging is the only way I know for people online to be able to opt in or out of a sexual experience with fully informed consent. I welcome help in tagging—please let me know when I have missed anything important.

Tags for this story include:

Content tags: NB/f – shrinking, flirting, begging, public nudity and sex, spanking, impact play, sex at a great height, something like scissoring


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Getting Handsy

1976 words

By Elle Largesse

Copyright 2023, all rights reserved. Do not reproduce my work or use it in any way without my permission.



Sydney dropped her free weights back on the rack with a satisfying clank. Sydney herself was anything but satisfied, however. She eyed her partner Jamie where they were straddling the bench, working the lat pulldown machine with absolutely gorgeous shoulders. She waited until they finished their set and released the bar, then made a pleased sound as she stepped up behind them, stroked their back muscles, and leaned down to whisper in their ear. “Wanna wash your hands for me, babe?”

They didn’t jump, but she saw their eyebrows shoot up as they turned to watch her from the corner of their dark green eyes. She kissed them on their cheek, intending for it to be just a peck. But she lingered.

“Here?” they asked. Their eyes darted to the mirror on the wall of the gym. The space was mostly empty. A guy worked on the rowing machine across the room. A pair of friends were stretching on a mat nearby, taking turns filming each other for Instagram, judging from the amount of cleavage on display. Generic workout music blasted overhead.

“I’m feeling handsy. I want you.” Sydney moved her kiss to Jamie’s ear. She sucked their earlobe into her mouth and teased them with her teeth. She released them when she heard the whimper low in their throat. “I can be discreet. Promise.”

“Yeah, but can I?” Their breath was coming hard. They looked doubtful, but eager.

“Babe, please?” She let a note of begging enter her voice. Jamie’s weakness.

They shot up from the bench, nearly hitting their head on the pulldown bar, and made a bee-line for the gym’s gender-neutral facilities to wash their hands for her.

She wandered over to the most deserted side of the gym, away from the mirrors, and casually kicked off her shoes, as if this wasn’t completely against the dress code and safety regulations. She slipped her phone and locker key into it and tucked them behind a large stack of floor mats and yoga class equipment.

Jamie appeared again, a blush already spreading up their throat as they locked eyes on her and crossed the gym. Now she had their attention, she crouched down behind the yoga equipment, one knee lower than the other, her posture almost ready to start sprinting.

Instead she began shrinking.

Each step Jamie took closer to her, Sydney let another burst of shrinking course through her body. It wasn’t hard. She was already turned on from watching them work up a sweat, and from their scent when she kissed them.

Sydney’s clothes billowed around her. Elastic no longer cinched tight around her chest or hips. It was no longer able to hold her. Nothing could, except Jamie.

Jamie stood over her now, taller than a two-story house. They crossed their arms and leaned against the yoga mats, which towered nearby like a haphazard building. She came to her feet, standing tall in the cover they offered her. But tall now meant something very different for her. Their sexy muscled thigh was within reach, so she came close and kissed it, trailing kiss after kiss down their knee, then the tattoos on their shin.

They crouched low as she shrank the final inches. They reached for her.

Sydney surrendered herself to her partner’s hands.

Shrinking into a lover’s embrace was always a sensual experience. Shrinking in public was a thrill. But shrinking into a lover’s hands—in public, no matter how protected—felt especially intimate.

Sydney had a thing for hands, and Jamie knew it. Enough that they’d given into her request to stop wearing gloves at the gym.

She sank into the sensory extremes of Jamie’s hands caressing soft and rough over her arms and legs and back. Calluses from their workouts contrasted with silky smooth expanses. “I fucking love your hands,” she said, though she knew her voice likely wouldn’t carry far. Especially with the music’s heavy base and the sound of weights clanking in the distance, she would have to shout to be heard even by Jamie. That suited her just fine.

Darkness enveloped her as they cupped their hands over her and took enormous swaying steps to somewhere nearby. Sydney trusted them.

She knew they’d be taking a seat on a bench, their body probably turned to shield her from view. She knew they’d look as if they were scrolling idly on their phone.

And she knew what they would see as they opened their hands. Their girlfriend at three inches tall, laying on her stomach on their left palm. Her thighs were glistening with arousal and her nude ass was ripe and ready for spanking.

She looked up and over her shoulder and smirked.

“Spank me? Please?”

They bit their lip and let out a sharp exhale. They stroked their middle finger over her back, down to the curve of her ass. Caress. Stroke, stroke… SPANK.

The smack they gave her was delicious. She lifted her hips up and threw a pleading look over her shoulder at her enormous partner.

Two fingers this time. Rubbing in tight, then broad circles. Stroke, stroke… SMACK.

She moaned and stretched her arms out to brace herself with one hand between their index and middle fingers, the other hand between their ring and pinkie fingers. She reveled in the feel of their calluses, the roughness in all this soft skin. “Harder!” she called up to them.

“Give this a number,” they whispered, their voice deepening. They exhaled in a grunt as they spanked her again with their powerful, giant fingers.

“Three!” she moaned. “Harder, please!”

WHACK. “FIVE! YES!” She hissed, writhing in their hand. She rode the pain as it mellowed into an unbearable pleasure.

They moved to her other cheek, rubbing her tenderly in tiny circles before applying the exact same level of stinging, sensual pain to the roundest part of her ass. SMACK.

“Perfection—” she sighed into the pulsing heat of their palm.

She gasped in full shivering shock as they trailed the edges of their fingernails up her back, like the way they’d scratch each others’ backs at the end of a long day, but all at once, all that sensation trailing effortlessly up and down her back, then massaging over her muscles, then massaging her glutes, then the sudden silence of sensation, the thrill of anticipation as they lifted up. SPANK.

Sydney was so wet that she could feel it trailing down her thighs and making her legs slick as she twitched ecstatically over their palm. Groaning with desperate arousal, she finally tapped out. Her hands loosened, slid down, and she gave them the three clear taps that was their practiced signal. She let soft moans escape her mouth as she writhed a little, turned onto her back, and settled into her body’s stings and aches.

One ache remained, unabated. The ache between her slippery legs.

She stroked Jamie’s palm with her hands and lifted her hips. Easing the pressure on her buttocks, but also showing off her vulva. It was almost hard to believe they were still in the gym and they had ravaged her so wonderfully, with nobody the wiser. They could be discovered at any moment, but who would believe their eyes? Who would believe something like this was possible? Sometimes she still couldn’t.

God, it turned her on so much.

“Had enough, my sexy little queen?” Jamie’s free hand was curled into a gentle fist that they brought close to her. They used the knuckle of their index finger to very gently caress her cheek. “Do you want to stop and rest in my pocket?” Their voice was easygoing and even when they spoke again. “Or do you want more?”

She met Jamie’s eyes so high above her. For all that their voice was steady and even, their gaze electrified all the languid energy out of her. She reached for their finger to steady herself, and came to her knees. Then to her feet.

“More.” She grinned up at them, loving the way their own grin spread quickly, lighting up their billboard-sized features that she knew so well.

She turned around and walked the few steps to their index finger. She sank down to her knees again, carefully sliding one leg through the opening between index and middle finger. Her foot nestled between the knuckles on the back of their hand.

She was experienced enough as a sizeshifter to know to not look down while tiny. Still, a moment of disorientation swept her up as Jamie lifted their hand until their palm was vertical. She flashed back to one of their early dates at the rock climbing gym. This would be far, far easier.

It was a position not unlike scissoring, except that instead of their partner’s legs intersecting with hers, it was their fingers and entire hand.

Jamie’s free hand cupped around her, maybe for privacy, maybe for safety. Or maybe, for closeness. Their fingers caressed up her foot, calf, and thigh that draped over the back of their hand.

She settled herself more comfortably, sinking lower, until her vulva met the skin between their fingers and she gave an incredibly lewd moan. It was so impossibly good to finally feel their body heat and their touch between her legs.

“Oh my god, you are so cute when you’re this horny and tiny.” Jamie grinned wider, chuckling at her, then biting their lip once more. They lifted their hands and lowered their face for a kiss. Sydney leaned into it, enjoying the enormous soft press of their lips—large enough to cover most of her face—and the swirl of heat as their breath curled around them.

Jamie kissed lower, over her breasts. Then down their leg that draped over their palm. Thigh, calf, and foot. She shivered.

She wrapped her arms tightly around their index finger, her hands barely able to touch on the opposite side. For leverage, for stability. And for closeness.

She gripped their hand between her thighs.

And then, moaning and grunting softly, she began to work. The calluses on their palm felt glorious. It was rough like a kinky, hardcore attachment to some new sex toy. She angled herself towards Jamie so she could slide the roughness from her left labia majora until it was centered over her whole vulva. Then… “There!” she cried out. “Oh, yes, Jamie. Yes.”

She dragged her sensitive clit across the roughened skin of their hand. She was so wet that it was lubricated in a single stroke, and her own pheromones rose up around her, mingling with the spicy workout scent of her partner holding her so close to their chest she could hear the rushing of their breath around her.

“You are so fucking beautiful and powerful,” they murmured down to her. They kissed her thigh. They kissed her stomach. Their tongue slipped forward and licked her breasts, eliciting a deeper moan from her. Wet below, wet above as their warm saliva coated her chest, as she stroked and rocked and moaned in their hand.

“Harder,” they whispered. The single word surrounded her in the closeness of mouth and breath and hand. She groaned and obeyed. Harder. Thrusting harder. The roughness tingled and dragged across her sex.

She felt their excitement in the way their hand tensed underneath and around her. She felt tremors of muscle in their huge finger as she rubbed her breasts against it, cried out with the incredible sensation of their powerful tongue sliding around her, licking, exploring, kissing, demanding.

She rocked against them and cried out in shuddering, explosive desperation. “JAMIE!”

Jamie’s enormous lips kissed her gently, so gently, and formed a soft, glowing smile. She could feel the pride radiating off them.

“Thanks,” she said breathlessly. She grinned up at them. “Thanks for washing your hands for me.”

They laughed, cupping her close. “Anytime. Good workout, babe.”



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