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September Kinky Scribbles

I’ve decided to run an informal size kink writing challenge for myself and anyone in the community interested in participating! The goal is to write one or more stories of at least 500 words each within the month of September, using the Kinky Scribble flash fiction format:

  • write the story quickly
  • give it minimal edits
  • add content tags
  • share it with the world within 24 hours
  • (optional) email me the link to your story to include in my Oct 1 blog post*

Think of a Kinky Scribble as the writing equivalent of a quick pencil sketch. You could turn it into an oil painting with a lot of time and effort, or you can have fun sketching it, sharing it, and then move onto your next project.


Personally, I’ve decided to aim for three Kinky Scribbles, because I’ll have to stretch outside my comfort zone to make it happen. You can focus on writing one, two, ten, or try for as many as you can make before September 30! There’s no story limit and no upper wordcount limit.

Share your story wherever you usually post your work, and if possible include the hashtag #SeptKinkyScribble. Common places size kink writers publish are their own websites, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Cohost, Giantess World, Giantess City, Coiled Fist, Daddy’s Dollhouse, Archive of Our Own (AO3), Literotica,, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, in a long Twitter/Mastodon/BlueSky thread, or, as a last resort, a Google Doc with open viewing permissions and a link shared to social media. Remember that private forums like Giantess City and Daddy’s Dollhouse aren’t fully public. Be careful to check a platform’s terms of service about X-rated content and how they might legally or illegally take user’s work to train generative AI software.

At the end of the challenge, my plan is to make a blog post and a list of links to stories for people who participated. Email me the link to your story if you want to be included. Let’s see how much we can create in the next month!

*Important: this is not a contest and I have some hard limits due to past trauma, so I will not be reading all the stories. In my blog post celebrating our work at the end of the month, I will only include links to public stories, and stories that offer content tags. For accessibility and consent, if your stories include themes from the Top 15 Content Tags and you do not tag them, I will not share those until you add tags at the start of the story. I reserve the right to not feature a story for any reason.


What can I write about?

Stories can be SFW or NSFW. It can have lots of sex or no sex, comfy cuddles or dark themes, or something you find erotic or adorable or both or neither. You can write a simple vignette—a brief scene without a full plot—but if you have a plot arc in mind, then by all means go ahead!

I recommend finding an idea that excites you mentally, emotionally, or physically. It’s easier to launch into a scribble that makes you curious. What’s your personal favorite theme in size kink erotica? What’s a moment you love in a movie that you wish had size difference? What’s the fantasy you wish you saw more often? Can you feature that fantasy in two different ways in two different scribbles?

Sometimes I start with a small speck of a concept (a first kiss with a tiny, or how cold weather would affect size interactions) and it stays simple. Sometimes a more complex story reveals itself as I write (whoops, it’s an orgy now!) and I end up in a mad frenzy trying to keep the story to a reasonable length (if she’s so tiny, why is her story 4100 words).

It can feel thrilling to try and write something quickly, especially when you give yourself permission to let it be messy and imperfect. That’s one reason I often like to share the length of time I spent writing and editing, because nobody reasonable would expect a masterpiece when it’s written in fifteen minutes (or two hours). And if they do, then they are not my audience.

Why take this challenge?

My goal with this challenge is to help myself build confidence and earn a little dopamine to remind me how much fun writing can be.

I want to pick my momentum back up and start sharing things again. I feel like the happy brain chemicals of this can help fuel me in my longer projects where I want to give the work more polish, but often run out of steam.

All summer I’ve been thinking about this tweet from sex writer Kate Sloan, author of 101 Kinky Things Even You Can Do:

Most of my long work that I am deeply, enduringly proud of began as kinky scribbles. When the time comes to share, I sometimes realize that the potential I saw in the story feels too delicious to pass by for a little dopamine. Sometimes I feel frustrated with myself, but I try and let go of my narrative that “I’m failing at Kinky Scribbles” and focus on the fact I discovered a project that really speaks to me. I don’t regret transforming those into longer pieces and devoting more time to them. It’s okay to change your goals for a project once you can see the shape of it more clearly!

I’m also proud of the stories I kept as kinky scribbles, proud of creating them and releasing them, and especially proud of being playful and leaning into my love of writing.

In short, I’m trying to lean into the Andy Warhol philosophy:

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”


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Edit: Congrats to participants!

Now the challenge has ended, please read the stories and support writers here! Thanks everyone for participating!