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Lesbian Love Story: Dare You Not to Grow – Chapter 3

Welcome back! I’ve finally got energy and space in my life to release my next installment of this gentle erotic love story between two sizeshifters at a coffeeshop. They decide to tease and dare each other not to grow while in public. They’re just friends, haha… unless~

Skip to the story content section if you want to jump right in. Read Chapter 1 here and Chapter 2 here.

Shout out to pseudoclever for being the one to come up with the safe word that Rae and Jess use! It makes me laugh every time I read or edit this chapter. Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone.


About This Story

This began as a Kinky Scribble, but I found myself so enamored with the characters and the way they were enamored with each other, that I allowed myself the luxury of months to write and explore. To go more in depth, you know. (Pun intended.)

I was so excited to write this story that I sought out Girl Sex 101 by Allison Moon and K.D. Diamond to better understand and write about the way women have sex. I may have been in more than one relationship with other women, but I also have an inkling of just how much I don’t know. I keep meaning to start blogging my book reviews, but if you’re interested, I kept up a twitter thread with my thoughts on the book and its value to anyone who wants to have sex with women. I found the “Embodied Yes” and “Difficult Conversation Formula” sections especially useful. (Can you spot the influence on Chapter 3?) The pages on techniques for hand sex and oral sex with different kinds of bodies are definitely dog-eared and already well-loved in my house. It’s such a wonderful resource!


Shout Outs

I commissioned art for this story by the lovely LadyEgg. Isn’t it gorgeous and so sweet? She’s on hiatus as of this writing in January 2023, but please go follow her! She is lovely to work with, and has been so kind and patient with me on not releasing the art for the five months it took me to finish rewrites and edits.

I’m also thrilled to say that I was able to commission her for a new work of art to celebrate the sixth and final chapter, and she knocked it out of the park. It is sexy and romantic and I can hardly wait to share it with you all!!

In fact, seeing her complete the new artwork in December was one of the things that made me yearn to come back to this story again. Creatives helping creatives is one of my favorite parts of the Size Twitter community.

Here’s a closeup of her original art to enjoy.


A tiny woman straddles a strawberry as a large hand pats her on the head. She has pink hair in two braids and is nude, showing her breasts and penis, and also has pale skin that is showing her happy blush. Art credit to @_LadyEgg.
Art credit to @_LadyEgg. Do not repost without permission.


I also commissioned a sensitivity read with Ana Valensa reporter and member of the size kink community. She gave me feedback and additional insight on my pairing between a cisgender woman and a transgender woman. I’m pleased to report that she said it was “incredibly hot and well written,” and that she “utterly adored it.” I’m grateful for her suggested changes and nuance on experiences that hopefully made this story stronger and more true to life for trans women.

When I asked her thoughts on tags for this and for my latest article, “Content Tags: Accessibility, Edgeplay, & Surprise Sex,” she recommended I use either F/f or CF/tf in my gender tags. Though TF is also used for transformation kink, we decided that having it in the slash format would clear that up, and she pointed out that TF is commonly used at places like r/GoneWildAudio and r/GWASapphic. As of this writing, Ana is open for more sensitivity readings on: kinky relationships, lesbian relationships, trans women & trans feminine experiences, and queer friendship.

Friendly reminder: if you seek out a sensitivity reader to help you gain more perspective on your work, please pay or barter with them. Do not ask for free labor on this, even if they are your friend. Perhaps especially so! 



This story will run for six chapters, ranging from 1200 to 3400 words each, with content tags for each chapter as well as for the story as a whole. I plan to release them weekly. Here’s a teaser for you:

(Discussion of food play, mouth play, and vore.)

A note to my readers who enjoy size kink associated with food, with the full-body kissing we call mouth play, and with oral vore. I greatly enjoy the first two topics, but for me the third topic is a hard limit. For whatever reason, my body does not respond in a sexy way to oral vore and this story will not go in that direction.

In the past when I have talked about how badly I want to be inside someone’s mouth, or how a partner licking my finger makes me feel instantly small because of my beloved mouthplay fantasies, I have been called a “tease” for not taking the “logical next step” to make it vore. That has made me reluctant to play in these ways for years. But sometimes people enjoy food and mouth play for their own sake, as more than just foreplay for vore. They’re two of my all-time favorite topics and I think it’s time for me to reclaim my love for them.

So this is my disclaimer that I am not trying to be a tease, just wanting to enjoy my loves of erotic food and mouth play more often, on my own terms. I fully support and celebrate anyone with a vore kink who wants to imagine this story with those themes, and I ask that you use the content tag “vore” for any discussion on posts that tag my username. Thank you! Happy reading~


Story content

Tagging is the only way I know for people online to be able to opt in or out of a sexual experience with fully informed consent. Learn more about why and how to use content tags, and browse tags important to the size kink community in my article “Content Tags: Accessibility, Edgeplay, & Surprise Sex.”

I welcome help in tagging—please let me know when I have missed anything important.

Tags for this story include:

F/f, CF/tf – Growth, shrinking, gentle, public play, teasing, mention of foot play, mild dissociation, so much sexual tension, a panic attack averted, pocket riding, hand held, romance, feelings, relationship, the L-word, love, licking fingers, kissing, mouth play, food play, chocolate, cake, strawberry, singing, music, handheld, body exploration, panties, cunnilingus, insertion, trans femme masturbation, full-body licks, breast play, aftercare

Tags for Chapter 3 include:

F/f, CF/tf – Growth, shrinking, gentle, public play, teasing, mouth play, kissing, a panic attack averted, pocket riding, hand held, romance, feelings, relationship, the L-word, love


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TEXT VERSION: Read the text version of the story behind the cut.

AUDIO VERSION: I am saving up to commission a voice actor to read this story. If you’re as excited by that as I am, please buy me a coffee to help it become a reality sooner!



Chapter 3: Mixing Signals

3038 words

By Elle Largesse

Copyright 2023, all rights reserved.



For one, shining moment, Rae kissed my entire body all at once.

It was like a French kiss and oral sex and a gentle massage. It was like being thrown from my ship in a storm and engulfed by an overwhelming ocean of sensation. It was like none of those things.

Her tongue was tall as a lover, surprised, groping quickly in the dark to find me. It slid intimately over my throat, down my small, sensitive breasts, across my stomach and over the soft bulge of my clit, then between my thighs and down my legs. I moaned, my hands braced against the wet muscle, and clung to her in the confined space. Her saliva was redolent with the floral citrus of bergamot, Earl Grey, and lavender. Almost hysterical with happiness, I decided I needed to try a London Fog next time. That is, if I could ever bring myself to leave this heaven.

All too soon, she opened her mouth. Cool air and dim light rushed into the dark stormy space, chasing away the hot humidity.

Her tongue maneuvered me back, nudging me out through her lips. I whimpered, my body bracing for the reality of what I’d done to come crashing back. My heart clenched as I slipped through the sensual plump softness and saw her fingers beyond. She had wisely covered her mouth with her hand.

I gathered my dignity and hooked an arm over one of her massive knuckles, pulling myself free of the place I desperately wanted to stay.

I curled into her palm, wet with her saliva, and felt far smaller than my current size.

That gave me pause. How small was I? Without my usual practice of shrinking incrementally and counting out my inches as I lost them, I felt adrift. Numbers were like my life raft, and now I had none. How did other sizeshifters do it?

Rae exhaled, a soft gust of warm air curling around me. She inhaled and a second gust buffeted me. I realized she was breathing hard, and in the blink of an eye my brain realigned itself to consider what this must have felt like from her end.


Her mouth trembled, and I reached a hand out to touch the slope of her bottom lip. In the light filtering through the gaps between her fingers, I watched her jaw work. The skin moved as a muscle clenched further along her face.

I kept one hand on her lip and touched her cheek. It was a strange echo of before, when I had pinned her wrist and her knee with my steadying touch. Again, I was no match for her size or strength, but able to offer the weight of my presence.

Her breath came slower.

“Rae, are you okay? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” I trailed off. How do you apologize for shrinking into someone’s mouth without asking them first?

She gave a small nod. Well, small to her. To me it was like leaning against a building and feeling the entire wall tilt back and forth.

She inhaled deeply, slowly. As she exhaled, she brought her thumb forward and pressed it gently against my abdomen and hips. Then she moved her hand down to look at me.

I made a small sound of embarrassment, my body tensing under her scrutiny. I pulled my ankles and knees together and tugged one wet braid over one shoulder. We’re sizeshifters, so we’ve been nude together many times, in a context where nudity isn’t necessarily sexualized.

But what I had just done? That had been very sexualized.

I felt like a mermaid stranded on a strange beach without any words to explain what had brought me to this extreme. Just longing for a kiss… I looked up at her lips. She dipped her head and her eyes found mine.

“Are you okay?” A series of expressions played across her billboard face. Worry. Amusement. Something I chose to read as You’re fuckin’ killing me, smalls!

When I nodded, she glanced up to scan the coffeeshop. I twisted around to look out through a gap in her fingers. The now-massive space seemed as peaceful as a distant mountain range.

My shirt and miniskirt lay flat against the couch like something out of a campy sci-fi movie, as if I’d been zapped to another dimension by a ray gun. Everything lurched as Rae reached over with her free hand to scoop the clothes off the couch and into my bag. I put my hands on her thumb, which was still bracing against my stomach like the safety harness of a rollercoaster.

“Nobody’s reacting,” she murmured. “Fuck, that was close.”

“Don’t forget my sandals,” I said sheepishly.

She scooped those up and shoved them into my bag’s outside pocket. Then she lifted the bag onto the couch by her thigh and tugged open the small, hidden corner. My Altoid tin sanctuary.

My heart sank.

I could feel her looking at me. I stared at the pocket with the small purple button closures she had stitched for me.

“It’s just a precaution. I want you to have options.”

I nodded.

She tried again. “You don’t need to go anywhere right now. I’ve got you.”

I couldn’t look at her, so I turned to bury my face in the soft part of her middle finger. Soon I was hugging her that way too, still kneeling, and she lifted the pressure of her thumb from my hips to rest along the small of my back instead. She felt so warm and reassuring, I arched my spine a little and hugged her tighter.

Words that had been caught in my throat since my sizeshift found their way into my mouth and I spoke them without thinking.

“I get why you wanted to stop. I will always respect that. But… I didn’t want to stop.”

I nuzzled her finger, squeezing. When she didn’t respond I released her and pulled back so I could look at her.

She was staring up at the ceiling again, less “checking for structural damage” this time and more “searching for patience.” With her free hand she scrubbed her face, then paused in thought with her fingertips pressing against her lips.

I rose and fell in her loose grasp as she sighed deeply. I watched her other hand trail lower, to her throat.

“Okay,” she said finally. “Here’s what we’re going to do.” She looked down at me with frustration written all over her face. I stared up at her, my eyebrows lifting. “I’m gonna tell you a thing. You’re gonna listen. Then I’m gonna put you in my front pocket and take your money and go buy some goddamned chocolate. You are gonna think things through before you respond, because you’re not allowed to say a single word until I come back and we both eat some chocolate and take a deep fucking breath. Deal?”

I took that in. Took in the expression on her face. “You think I can’t do it.”

Rae looked away. She leaned forward and reached for my laptop, which had gone into sleep mode, and adjusted the screen to give us some more privacy. I steadied myself with a grip on her finger, closing my eyes deliberately as the swell of her breasts came closer during this maneuver. She had asked to stop, so I stopped.

My body still craved the warmth of her that radiated close for a moment. And my body missed it when she moved her hand away from her chest again.

I opened my eyes to see her leaning over me, keeping me hidden but level with her gaze now. I tugged on the end of a braid, my hand in a fist. It hurt that she didn’t think I could do something as simple as stay quiet. I’m not that much of a loose cannon, I thought.

Said the shrunken woman kneeling in her friend’s hand in public.

“Rae, I bet you a breakfast taco I can listen. And keep my mouth shut. As long as there’s a safeword.”

She nodded evenly, giving me the ghost of a smirk that made my heart start beating again. “Square Cube Law. Or if I feel you smack me twice.”

We nodded in unison.

Energy zinged through me as she exhaled and squared her shoulders. I felt like I could run from here to the bakery case and back again, but I tried to hold still and look calmly up at her. I resolved to be as silent as a mermaid who gave up her voice to be with the one she…

I swallowed, and squared my own shoulders.

She glanced up and around the coffeeshop, her eyes pausing on the barista who had begun wiping down tables nearby. “And maybe help me log into your laptop to pull up a Zoom call? I can pretend there’s a reason for me to be talking that doesn’t involve a tiny person in my hand.”

It took less than a minute for her to log back into my computer and set up the video call. I waved down at the camera from Rae’s hand and she gave me a distracted smile, arranging an earbud in one ear to make the effect more convincing.

She was the only friend I had ever trusted with my password. I told myself it had been for practical reasons. But tonight the thought made me rock back on my heels, crouching back behind her fingers so I couldn’t see the screen anymore.

Rae looked down at me. “Okay. So. I’m afraid of fucking this up. I’m pretty sure you are, too. But what I want is for us to both be happy, happier than we are now, and I think maybe that’s worth risking any fuck up.” She paused. I could feel the tension stiffening all the muscles in her palm. “Plus, if we keep doing this flirty friendship dance thing, I think I am actually going to scream.”

My tiny fingers shook. I tried to set them on her wide palm to steady myself on my hands and knees. There was no steadying, only her tension and my own vibration.

Rae’s immense body was still, but I couldn’t dismiss my fear that she was invoking another kind of earthquake. Something more dangerous than the one we nearly started with my lips on her throat.

“I don’t want this night to end.” She held my gaze and I felt her hand twitch around and under me.

“I want to kiss you and keep kissing you, no matter how big I grow or how small you shrink. I want to keep you safe from assholes who don’t respect boundaries, and I honestly want to do that by growing twelve feet tall and yelling in her idiot face and threatening to smash her stupid sculptures until she promises to be honest and careful with my girl. I want to rescue you, but only when you want that. And when I get to be too much, I want you to rescue me from myself. Like you did tonight.”

My girl.

My throat closed tight and I realized I was on my feet now, one hand on her pinkie. A part of my brain noted that I was similar in height to her middle finger. Three inches tall? It steadied me to have a number, even an estimate.

Rae’s hand tipped a little, but it was to bring me closer. Her voice was softer when she spoke again.

“It feels so good when you tease me like you did earlier. You’re… really amazing at it…”

I watched her lips and cheeks darken in color. You don’t really know what a blush looks like until you’ve witnessed one at this size. The saturation deepened on each curve and pore and tiny wrinkle, suffusing her skin with life.

As her blush spread, it came with the faintest tremor, less than a point on the Richter scale of sizeshifting Giantess potential. But it was there under the soles of my feet and the touch of my hand against her finger. I made an involuntary sound, but kept my mouth shut.

She closed her eyes and took three long, deep breaths before continuing. Now, I loved watching Rae breathe from this angle. But my patience felt threadbare by the time she spoke again.

“I’m not gonna call you a tease, because fuck that slut-shaming bullshit. But it just feels… it’s like you’re playing with my heart. You come on so strong, so impossibly sexy, and you give me those fucking puppy dog eyes—” She looked away. “And then you say we’re friends.”

My heart tried to rattle free of my chest.

I tried to look away too, to find some detail on the wall or couch to count or distract myself, but Rae filled up my vision. I bent double, hands on my knees as I discovered that my own breath was coming hard already. The crinkles and lines of Rae’s palm were a comfort. I began counting them.

“You okay?”

I put a mental bookmark in the number 11, forced myself to look up at her, and gave a single clear nod. She nodded back at me and I let my gaze return to wrinkle numbers 12, 13, and 14. Her voice washed over me again and I checked the impulse to start counting her words, too. Just listen, I told myself. Just listen. Rae’s got me.

Doesn’t she?

I counted to 15 while listening, but somehow 16 was harder. My brain almost stopped at 17.

“Being your friend is the best thing I know. There are plenty of people who stay friends their whole lives and do all kinds of sexy things. I know queer people are better at that than most, as a general rule.”

I snorted and threw a look up at her, my eyebrows raised.

“Ok, well. It’s at least more normalized in queer circles.”

I gave a nodding shrug and went back to counting. The little exchange had settled my nerves somewhat, and the numbers flowed again.

I loved the fact that Rae could read my body language at three inches tall. Not many people could—or would—do that. I fought the mortifying urge to fling myself out of her hand like a mermaid off a waterfall and disappear into the ocean-wide expanse of this coffeeshop.

“I’ll be the first to admit, that’s a good thing. We all need more touch, more connection, more sex. It doesn’t have to mean…” Rae sounded strangled. She swallowed.

The sound reminded me of the sensation of her throat under my hand.

I felt lightheaded.

“Thing is, I don’t think I’m ever gonna be that kind of lesbian. I promise, I don’t have a U-Haul parked outside. But…”

I lost count.

“But if we’re gonna do this thing. I want you wholeheartedly. No more mixing signals. No more romancing me and then falling back on friendship. I can be your friend and hang out and hug you. I can also be your… your girlfriend. And kiss you. All of you.”

I looked up at her then. Was I giving her puppy dog eyes? I don’t know, maybe a little. I opened my mouth, but in the space of a heartbeat Rae brought her free hand close and held her massive finger in front of my face to forestall me. The air between us practically sparked with closeness.

“I need you to really think about this for once. I love—I love how you’re spontaneous, and how you take me way outside my comfort zone. But I need you to sit with this. Even if it makes you uncomfortable. Okay?”

I pressed my lips together and nodded. I felt chagrined that I’d needed the reminder.

“Hey.” She changed the angle of her fingertip and lifted my chin. I let her, since my neck was admittedly sore from craning back to look at her. I gave the smallest groan at the soft touch and leaned in.

“I will keep you safe,” she said. “No matter what you decide or feel or if you need to leave. Yes or no or I don’t know, you are safe with me.”

Okay, now this look was puppy dog eyes.

She lowered me to her chest and used her free hand to push open the blue jean fabric of the pocket on her overalls. I sat down on the edge of her palm like a swimmer on the edge of a pool and looked inside. How deep would it go? I glanced beyond the overalls to the low-cut tank top and the more natural pocket peeking through there. Before tonight, with enough alcohol involved, I might’ve made a laughing play for her cleavage.

That was before.

I turned my attention back to the opening she was offering me for now.

I impulsively pulled her pinkie towards me and kissed the tip. Then I shoved off the edge of her hand and into the fabric warmed by her body.

The pocket proved to be far deeper than I was tall. As the denim darkness enveloped me, I reflected that I might have a bonus to stealth checks while tiny. But it came with a price. The entirety of the outside world fell away. The light, the low-fi chill beats, even the omnipresent aroma of the coffee, all of it muted as if someone had pushed me underwater.

I tried to be grateful that I could hide my indiscretions this easily. Rae was seldom so lucky. Maybe that’s why she was more cautious than me—she didn’t have the freedom to fuck up and disappear from view the way I so often did.

I kicked something hard and groaned. Lucky, yeah. I sighed, bending awkwardly in the small space to feel for the shape of the thing. Round and the size of a plate. Maybe it was a strange button? But then I breathed in.

A skittle. I smiled and hugged the piece of candy to my chest. I leaned against Rae’s breast through the fabric as she stood up and began her swaying walk to use my money to buy herself some chocolate.



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