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Fan Art Feature: Giantess Tina

A digital render of a tiny man scaling the wall of a woman's thigh as she presses an enormous finger against a truly massive clitoris.
A scene from Dear Professor, Part 2, created by GiantessTina ( and shared with her permission. Do not repost without permission.

I’m thrilled to feature fan art from one of my stories!

Giantess Tina felt inspired by “Dear Professor: Part 2” and created this gorgeous render of a tiny scaling a woman’s body to reach her massive clitoris. Look at that lighting! The ridges on that thumbprint! The incredible texture of the labia!

This alien world,” she wrote. “I ought to represent this minuscule professor climbing up hope, climbing up a potential and salvatory praise.”

I am absolutely awed by her creation, her poetic words, and I am grateful to her for granting permission for me to feature it on my website. Thank you, Tina!

I first met Tina during the exodus from Tumblr, when we worked on the SizeTwitter manifesto to help newcomers to the community get their bearings. She is kind, generous, and mysterious. If you explore her work, be aware that her tastes often run darker than mine. If you encounter her in the community, know that you are speaking with a true gem.

Size Erotica: Dear Professor, Part 2

I’m pleased to share the second part of a story I wrote for my good friend @giant_micro back in January 2020 as a gift. I’m revealing it slowly over three weeks, in three parts. Start with “Dear Professor: Part 1.”

Stay tuned at the end of the story for a special treat from a talented artist in the community!


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Dear Professor: Part 2

By Elle Largesse

Copyright 2021, all rights reserved.

2852 words

Ryan works hard to please his massive friend, shrinking in her bra and down her panties while she works out at the gym, but can he do what it takes to satisfy her?

This F/m story contains shrinking to sizes under a millimeter, breast play, body exploration, insertion, anal, sex toys, entrapment, falling from a height, domination and submission, humiliation, praise, some mind control elements, and aftercare. There are also hints of fear play and dubcon (dubious consent), and processing emotions like anger and helplessness. Not all themes will be present in all parts.



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