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BijouL33 Art Commission: Kissing a Tiny

A woman with long pink hair, pale skin, and a black lace mask nuzzles a female tiny with medium brown skin and short brown hair. The tiny is surrounded by hearts and her thigh has a red blush where the larger woman is kissing her.
Created by BijouL33 and shared with their permission. Do not repost without permission.

I recently commissioned the wonderful and talented BijouL33 to draw themselves tiny in the middle of a kiss with me.

It was part of a Your Character Here (YCH) project they made to fundraise a VR headset. As someone who also desperately wishes I could find a better way to experience my size feelings, I couldn’t resist! I wanted both the artwork with that amazing intimate pose, AND the chance for Lee to experience being small. I felt strongly that the universe would be a better place when she had that experience.

The photo I used was of me in the black lace eye mask I wore to SizeCon in November 2021. I think they knocked it out of the park! I couldn’t stop saying “WOW” for a full five minutes. It’s an incredibly sensual work of art, and I absolutely love how they drew me.

Also. Tiny blushes. Tiny blushes are the best.

Lee identifies as non-binary and female and uses they/she pronouns. Do not repost this artwork without her permission.

Erotica Contest: The Therapist Will See You Now

Photo credit to JC Gellidon on Unsplash, shared with a Creative Commons License:

“Being lost in the folds of a submissive woman’s labia, her domme lover not believing any part of this ‘shrinking friend’ story. Then the discipline starts. Hot damn, that’s hot.”

I’m proud to share “The Therapist Will See You Now,” my entry for the Cruel January 2019 SizeRiot Erotica Contest, hosted by the hardworking and talented Aborigen-gts​. The story tied for second place in the “Most Arousing” category.

I appreciate the feedback I received for this story, which was not as cruel as I originally intended to make it. As always, I’m deeply grateful to my beta readers and everyone who read my work and reviewed it.

What did people enjoy most about this story? Here’s what the readers had to say:

Most Arousing:

A story that manages to be playful, in-your-face, and casual in its sexiness.

Being lost in the folds of a submissive woman’s labia, her domme lover not believing any part of this “shrinking friend” story. Then the discipline starts. Hot damn, that’s hot.

A domme using a strap-on on your girlfriend while you’re trapped at ground zero? Speaks for itself.

The entire setup was just so sexy. I loved the unaware aspect. The desperate shrinking. Really well done.

Best Main Character:

Dr. Rodriguez was well-developed. Her smallest reactions spoke volumes about her personality, which was both intimidating and attractive. I would love to see more of her in action.

Dr. Rodriguez had such a strong and commanding personality. Very good and dominant.

Interesting Size Difference:

it was a great use of unaware and micro scenarios. The dominant giantess was not even aware of the tiny, nor would she seem to care if she knew. The tiny was truly insignificant to the others.

Solid Writing:

The characters were dynamic. It was sexy. The set up was unique.

More by This Author:

Such a strong solid take on extreme sizes with immediately grabbing and developed characters.

General Comments:

If I could commission an image to be made from a single scene from any of the stories in this entire contest, it would be the silhouette of Mark looking out from Beth’s labia up at the smirking scrutiny of Dr. Rodriguez.

You get the specialest of props for incorporating actual BDSM themes into size works, extra special for combining them with a tight cast of extremely colorful interesting characters. Also, hot giga epic cruelty. A+.

Ready for more? I added 600+ words back into the story after submission. You have two options to enjoy:

AUDIO VERSION: Listen to a 20-minute author-read version of the story. Thanks to Dick, The Micro Giant, for Audio Engineering this piece. He takes commissions!

Audio is now available here on

(If you’re wondering where the YouTube video went, after two years, 11,178 views, and 81 likes, someone finally reported my content as containing sexual material. I have a strike against my account there for 90 days and will be moving what I can to Soundgasm.)

TEXT VERSION: Read the full story behind the cut.