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BijouL33 Art Commission: Kissing a Tiny

A woman with long pink hair, pale skin, and a black lace mask nuzzles a female tiny with medium brown skin and short brown hair. The tiny is surrounded by hearts and her thigh has a red blush where the larger woman is kissing her.
Created by BijouL33 and shared with their permission. Do not repost without permission.

I recently commissioned the wonderful and talented BijouL33 to draw themselves tiny in the middle of a kiss with me.

It was part of a Your Character Here (YCH) project they made to fundraise a VR headset. As someone who also desperately wishes I could find a better way to experience my size feelings, I couldn’t resist! I wanted both the artwork with that amazing intimate pose, AND the chance for Lee to experience being small. I felt strongly that the universe would be a better place when she had that experience.

The photo I used was of me in the black lace eye mask I wore to SizeCon in November 2021. I think they knocked it out of the park! I couldn’t stop saying “WOW” for a full five minutes. It’s an incredibly sensual work of art, and I absolutely love how they drew me.

Also. Tiny blushes. Tiny blushes are the best.

Lee identifies as non-binary and female and uses they/she pronouns. Do not repost this artwork without her permission.

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