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Getting Handsy

I wrote a messy kinky scribble last night! That’s my second (completed) Scribble for my September Kinky Scribbles Challenge. I started it at 6pm and wrapped it up around 11pm with maybe 1.5 rounds of edits.

Many thanks to Njord and aminifriend for braving some Friday night writing sprints with me to help get words on the page (oh my God we did seven sprints??) and thanks to my partner pseudo_size for reminding me it’s supposed to be imperfect and I could let it go.

Thanks also to Kate Sloan of Girly Juice for articles on spanking that inspired me to get extra handsy with this story. My favorite on this topic was probably How to Get a Vanilla Person to Spank You Properly.

(CW impact play mention) A note on the graphics and wordcount discrepancy: I originally had about four more paragraphs that involved impact play similar to strokes with a paddle, but for several reasons I ended up removing it. I suppose I might edit this later after a beta read of that section, but for now I just want it to stand as it is for the sake of this challenge.

Anyway, no more thoughts, just sexy writing. Enjoy, my lovelies~

kinky scribble is a flash fiction exercise I developed to help me level up as a writer, to create stories and let them go. I envy artists who can scribble a sketch and share it unfinished into the wild for people to enjoy. This is my answer to that for writers. Feel free to join in yourself, and share with #KinkyScribble so others can find it. If you want to take the September challenge, use #SeptKinkyScribble.



The photo I used in the banner is by Mathias Reding on Unsplash.


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Story synopsis

Hand sex with a loving partner! Shrinking in public, on purpose! Tiny women who are into spanking and asking for what they want!


Story content

Tagging is the only way I know for people online to be able to opt in or out of a sexual experience with fully informed consent. I welcome help in tagging—please let me know when I have missed anything important.

Tags for this story include:

Content tags: NB/f – shrinking, flirting, begging, public nudity and sex, spanking, impact play, sex at a great height, something like scissoring


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TEXT VERSION: Read the text version of the story behind the cut.

AUDIO VERSION: I might record audio for this story. If I get enough requests, I will move it up on my priority list.