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About Elle Largesse

I’m a sizshifting bisexual polyamorous kinky erotica writer who made my presence known to the “Giant/tiny” community on Tumblr in December of 2015.

Three years and ten days after beginning this experiment in sensuality, I created this privately hosted website to continue the conversation and share my work on my own terms, with less threat of censorship.

This blog is mostly NSFW / 18 & up only. You’ll find original writing and collages, and occasional RP. Topics covered include shrinking and growth, microphilia and macrophilia.

Call me Elle and use she/her pronouns. I’m fine with Ms. Elle, Mistress Elle, etc. but please ask before you assume my size.

I have a thing for licking, lips, insertion, breast expansion, and obscenely large cocks. I like very softcore “pre-vore” like tongue and mouth play, but oral vore is a hard no for me. Physical violence is my other hard limit, and the furthest I take this is with smothering or butt crushes, always with the tiny unharmed. I play with emotional cruelty and non-consensual acts, and will provide content warnings accordingly. Beware the puns.

Twitter: @mightytinygiant

SFW alt Twitter: @mightytinyg_sfw



Discord: mightytinygiant#3569

SFW G/t Tumblr blog (mostly inactive):

All content and characters depicted on this blog are 18 & up and do not belong to me unless specifically noted. I’m happy to take down content at artist’s request.

Header of About Me page is a commissioned portrait of Elle by the ever amazing illustrator Karasu69. See the full version: An Ongoing Experiment in Sexuality.

Avatar is a commissioned portrait of Elle by the talented and friendly DTV_art. See the full version: Taking Up Space.

Website hosting assistance from the wonderful Kreeyz.



This site includes content intended for adults only. Depending on your location, you must be at least 18 or 21 to enter. If you’re under 18 and are seeking sex positive resources, stop reading now and visit