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Size Erotica: Woman, in Ecstasy, Chapter 2

“Woman, in Ecstasy” follows the story of a woman on a date with her boyfriend at a museum of sex. He convinces her to volunteer as part of a kinky art installation, where she grows, shrinks, and becomes a horny slut at the mercy of strangers—one of whom has eyes on her boyfriend. Read Chapter 1 here.

In Chapter 2, Noelle learns the hard way about arousal, inhibitions, and the importance of asking for what you want during sex. Or in her case, during sexually explicit interactive art.

I’ll be unveiling this story in five chapters, each one lewder than the last. I’m proud to be able to offer author-read audio for each installment. This is a way to ensure increased accessibility for members of the kink community who use screen readers, and adds some extra sexiness for my fellow audiophiles.

Scroll to the story content section if you want to jump right to the story.


Artwork & shout-outs

I’m thrilled and deeply grateful to @pseudo_size for creating this GORGEOUS and sexy render art of one of my favorite moments in the story.

Render art by @pseudo_size of a giantess growing inside a glass room in a museum, while two smaller people look on from outside. A man stands at the controls, and a woman holds a towel closed while smirking down at the giantess, who looks very aroused and has her hand up as if begging. Her breasts are expanding at enormous sizes.
Art by pseudo_size. Do not repost without permission.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this story would not be what it is without pseudo and his help. His skill and empathy in beta reading, his insight into character development, story arcs, strengths and vulnerabilities, all of it helped me tell the story I was trying to tell.

Please go check out his art and writing, including a new story he began sharing for Pride Month, Holding Space. It’s one of the sexiest stories I’ve ever read in the size kink community.


Story inspirations

Inspiration for this story comes partly from a place that’s been on my bucket list for years, The Vagina Museum. It’s hardly the only museum of sex, but it is the world’s first bricks-and-mortar museum “dedicated to the gynaecological anatomy.” Learn how to support their work in my introduction to Chapter 1 (and discover why I’ve chosen to depict nonprofits in this way).


Support the author

Money is tight right now. I have twelve works of fiction in progress, ranging from wholesome to kinky as fuck. I’d like to continue releasing them here for free.

If you enjoy this story and want to see/hear more like it, the best way to do that is to support me financially. (The second best way is to boost the signal on my stories and encourage your friends to support me, too.) Thanks, y’all!


Story content

Tagging is the only way I know for people online to be able to opt in or out of a sexual experience with fully informed consent. I welcome help in tagging—please let me know when I have missed anything important.

Tags for the story overall will include:

F/m/f, f/M/F, f/F – (shrinking, growth, public play, exhibitionism, breast & ass expansion, humiliation, objectification, dubcon/noncon, mind control, intelligence play/bimbofication, hypnosis, begging, orgasm denial, jealousy, cuckolding, BDSM, voyeurism, masturbation, entrapment, claustrophobia mention, licking, sucking on fingers and feet, kisses, insertion, cunnilingus, penetration, and “bigger on the inside” magic for fucking tinies.)

Tags for this chapter in particular include:

F/m/f – (growth, public play, exhibitionism, breast & ass expansion, objectification, dubcon/noncon, mind control, intelligence play/bimbofication, begging, jealousy, cuckolding, BDSM)



Read the story

AUDIO VERSION: Listen to a 19-minute author-read version of the story here.

TEXT VERSION: Read the text version of the story behind the cut.


Woman, in Ecstasy

Chapter 2

2549 words

By Elle Largesse

Copyright 2022, all rights reserved.


Daniel called in a favor with his friend Kal from the museum crew. As it turned out, Kal had plans to work on Monday while the museum was closed and would be happy to let us in. “Sure, why not? Can’t remember the last time she had a break. We don’t usually take vacations around here. Anyway, please, come! I’ve been folding origami vulvas for a week and could use a break, too. Speaking of which—would you like to sponsor a vulva for $10?”

It was only going to be for a few hours, but honestly, that already felt like a lot.

I dressed carefully and paid more attention than usual to my hair and makeup. I wore my blue and white lingerie set because he had commented once that he liked the color with my hair. I was so nervous that I even considered breaking museum rules to sneak in a bottle of wine. In the end, I left it at home.

The freckled woman who had been on display that day staggered a little as she left the exhibit. She threw one arm around Kal’s shoulder. She struggled to hold a blue cotton towel closed.

“Feels weird to be covering up,” she said with a tired giggle. She saw me and my boyfriend and came right up to hug us both. “Oh, I remember you two. This one especially. How could I forget one of my biggest fans?” She went up on tiptoe to kiss him on the cheek. “Mmm, it feels good to finally be able to do that.”

I felt a flash of heat in my stomach and stepped forward, making fists at my side. Just as quickly, I shoved the feeling down. This was Daniel. My Daniel. I could trust him. I didn’t need to be giving my energy to anger or jealousy. Not if I was about to step into the exhibit for myself.

I needed to focus. I was here to be sexy and help him live out his fantasy in whatever way I could. The foremost expert in this fantasy was standing right in front of me, and it would be wise to make nice with her.

I took a deep breath, smoothed down my dress, and stepped forward. I stretched out my hand, then immediately felt absurd. She looked at me, looked at my hand, and laughed. “You’re so sweet, to give me a break like this.” She bent down to give me a kiss on the cheek just as she had with Daniel. I gasped at the sudden closeness and let my hand drop.

As she leaned in, her lips brushed my ear. “Run.”

It was barely a breath, but when I turned to look at her, nothing about her body language matched the tone or the word she had used. Fool that I am, I dismissed my own senses.

“It’s amazing to really meet you at last,” Daniel gushed. He sounded like a total fanboy, and I chose to find it endearing. “What’s your name?”

“I don’t exactly remember,” she said, giving another tired giggle.

She went to lean on Kal again. He laughed and patted her on the back. “Don’t worry, she’ll come back to herself soon. She just needs some time to come down off this.” He tapped the arousal and intelligence levers and gave us a significant look. He turned back to her. “Your name is Lisa,” he said kindly. “And you’ve done a wonderful job. You helped us raise more than fifty thousand dollars in the last year alone.”

She smiled and nodded for him as he helped her lower herself down to a museum bench under a display of leather paddles and floggers. A sign nearby read This way to the wall of vulvas!

“You still ready for this?” Daniel asked. He touched my cheek where Lisa had kissed me, then leaned down to give me a tender peck on the lips. “God, I am so envious.”

That gave me strength to sign on the line of paperwork on Kal’s clipboard, and take off my coat and shoes and dress. “Leave the lingerie,” my boyfriend requested. I grinned at him and obeyed.

I stepped up to the triangle shape of the glass door, feeling strange to be standing in a museum in my bare feet, panties, and bra. For the first time since Daniel suggested this, I hesitated. Maybe it was Lisa’s warning—a single word that I was still almost sure I had imagined. Maybe the too-eager way Daniel was looking at me. For a moment, only a moment, I had a second thought.

“Are you going to keep me waiting?” he asked.

I remember, the last thing I saw through the glass as he pushed the exhibit door closed was Lisa shaking her head at me.

I expected that the first thing he’d do would be to turn me on with the arousal lever. But he wanted to experiment with other things, first. Perhaps he was curious to see what might turn me on naturally.

“I want to see how long that lingerie will last,” Daniel said with a grin. His voice was only a little muffled through the glass. And with no warning, my tits burst forward in a powerful explosion of sensual energy. The bra snapped off immediately, hitting the glass with a ping. I gasped and staggered under their new weight, trying and failing to cover myself, and then attempting to at least prop them up with my arms.

“Don’t ease me into it or anything,” I muttered under my breath. I kept the thought to myself. Heaven forbid I actually asked him to go at a pace that suited me. For his sake, I tried to stay focused on the experience, and my enormous new tits were more than helpful with that.

“You can probably lick your own nipples now,” he said.

I blinked down at my chest, still trying to wrap my mind around the idea that these massive things were mine. My own words came back to me from our first visit. “She’s so lifelike.” How could this be real? Just a moment ago my breasts were comfortable in that cute blue and white B-cup bra. Now those same parts of my body throbbed huge and heavy. And very, very lifelike.

Nervously, as if my new assets might disappear as quickly as they had appeared, I stroked my left breast from beneath and noticed how soft it felt.

“Noelle.” Some pleading quality in Daniel’s voice made me raise my eyes. “I want you to lick yourself.”

Feeling silly—and a little embarrassed for Daniel that his request sounded more like begging than commanding—I made a tentative attempt to lift my breast so my mouth might reach the nipple.

It took some adjustment, some fumbling. I felt very self conscious with my tongue sticking out, trying to make contact with my nipple. But I shifted my weight in just the right way and it wobbled back up to my mouth, and then my own nipple was between my lips. I sucked it in. I’m almost sure the moan must have made it all the way back to the bench where Kal was teaching Lisa origami.

My racing thoughts quieted as I licked and sucked on my nipple and areola. The flesh crinkled and tingled in my mouth. I groaned and pulled more in with a lewd wet sound.

But Daniel was already turning the dial again. Soon I was no longer trying to balance a watermelon in each hand. They swelled instead to the size of big plush pillows. Then couch cushions. The nipple itself was bigger than a lollipop by the time my breast slipped out of my hands. They were pendulous and huge, but unnaturally perky in a way that even I had to admire.

I grunted and toppled over when they grew past the size of bean bag chairs. I moaned louder as my nipples hit the floor, sending sensitive tingles through me as I continued to grow. They slid across the ground, the friction stimulating me more.

“This is… this is ridiculous…” I panted. I leaned back, heaving the flesh back and forth to try and get them into a better position as my boyfriend continued to click the dial higher and higher. Did that thing have a limit?

“What does it feel like?” he asked.

“I have to admit, it feels really good. Weird, but good.” I knelt probably ten feet away from the edge of the exhibit, but already my nipples were pressing against the glass. “It feels… helpless.”

He closed his eyes as an expression of profound satisfaction crossed his face. Perhaps more than anything else that had happened so far, my boyfriend’s reaction turned me on. Hard.

“Wait till he grows or shrinks you,” Lisa said. She approached Daniel from behind. Kal drifted up by her side with a hand in his pocket and an amused, slightly bored expression on his face. As if this was completely normal to him. Lisa gestured to the controls and looked to Daniel. “May I?”

I wanted to protest that this was supposed to be between him and me, but he was already nodding, already making space for her at his side. And she was already taking a lever in hand. The arousal lever. She cranked it halfway. “There, that should help.”

“Oh my God…” I moaned, my volume increasing with each word. An ache blossomed inside me, overriding my discomfort and uncertainty. How could I want anything else but more?

“Please,” I said, looking over at Daniel.

“Please what?” He asked, again ticking the dial to keep my breasts swelling larger.

I desperately wished I could fit one of my nipples back in my mouth, but it was far too big, and far beyond my reach. So far out of reach, in fact, that on a lazy day I wouldn’t be bothered to stand up and walk across the room to fetch something of equal distance away.

And yet, now? Arousal pulsing loud within me? I would’ve given so much to be able to do something that simple. To feel my own wet mouth sliding over the areola, sucking just as hard as I wanted, going at the pace that pleased me, nibbling my teeth along the nipple just the way I liked it. I grunted, unsure how to ask for any of that. Had I ever asked him for something during sex? Anything? “Please…” I said. As if it was the only request I knew.

“What do you want to try next?” He gestured to the dials for growth, shrinking, other kinds of expansion, and the Fucking Machine. I looked down, tempted to hide my face in my own gargantuan cleavage. I was pinned on the floor with breasts big enough for each to overflow a bathtub, and I felt too shy to pick what might come next. But then I saw the way he looked to the others and realized. It hadn’t been me he was asking.

Kal reached over and pulled down the inhibitions lever.

The feeling hit me so fast I felt tingly and light-headed. It was like the freedom you get after a shot of whiskey, all warm and open and easy.

Daniel was laughing, then nodding. “Okay, let’s try that again. How would you feel about a bigger ass, baby?”

This question was clearly directed at me and I nodded, too, grinning back at him. “Oh, hell yes.”

He turned a new dial until I felt myself lifting up. I stared around over my shoulder in amazement as my ass and hips began expanding too. It pushed me forward onto my hands and knees, and I couldn’t help but groan as my tiny lace panties slid between my cheeks and pulled tight between the folds of my vulva. I moaned, rocking my hips and tugging to try and ease the fit of the fabric, but my ass was too big and the panties too small. All I achieved was my ass jiggling and a damn earthquake of tit-flesh.

The motion also had the benefit of stimulating my clit almost painfully hard, and I groaned loudly. I looked up at Daniel from the floor of the exhibit. I made eye contact with him and began rocking back and forth, imagining him between my legs, imagining the way he would feel pressing himself inside me.

“I wish I could feel you. Inside.” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I felt a small burst of pride. That was so easy! And not a hint of embarrassment, either. If only I could keep my inhibitions this low all the time.

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” he asked, his eyes locked on me.

I whimpered, and nodded.

He pressed a button and a panel slid back. The Fucking Machine lifted up into view, rainbow dildo and all. Instantly, all I could think about was how badly I wanted it inside me.

But the damn thing was out of reach, thrusting into open air several feet behind my ass and at the wrong angle. I inched myself to the left with heaving, thrusting motions that dragged my sensitive nipples along the floor. “This is absurd!” I called out to him. “How am I supposed to move like this? How can I possibly get myself off when I can’t even haul these colossal tits around?”

I felt a little amazed at myself, though there was no pride this time. I had never talked to him that way during sex, I was certain of it. Maybe my lowered inhibitions had a darker side. What if he didn’t like it when I said these kinds of things out loud?

A deeper worry brewed in the back of my mind. What the hell else are you going to do to me in here? Thankfully, I still had enough presence of mind and control to keep this one to myself.

The amusement of all three spectators seemed to grow, which I only found more unsettling. The ache between my legs pulsed and I groaned, trying to move myself faster.

What if I can’t get myself off and you just leave me in here and walk off with Lisa into the sunset?

“She’s getting worried, ” Lisa said. “Look, it’s written all over her face. You’d better nip that in the bud, my friend.” Lisa leaned over him, just the way he had leaned over me, flirtatious, very close. In nothing more than her towel. She put her hand on his, then guided him to the lever marked “intelligence.” My eyes widened.

“Hey, now,” I said, “can’t you just turn me on a bit more? Or reduce my inhibitions?” My heart pounded and the Fucking Machine whirred away behind me, nearly forgotten.

Lisa and I locked eyes. This time the thrill that went through me wasn’t at being caught looking. It was from the set of her shoulders, the shake of her head, the way her mouth pinched at the corner. It was a look that said, You should have listened.

“You signed the contract for the full experience,” she said aloud. She smiled wryly. “This is the full experience.”

Way too lifelike.



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