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Size Erotica: Woman, in Ecstasy, Chapter 3

“Woman, in Ecstasy” follows the story of a woman on a date with her boyfriend at a museum of sex. He convinces her to volunteer as part of a kinky art installation, where she grows, shrinks, and becomes a horny slut at the mercy of strangers—one of whom has eyes on her boyfriend. Read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

In Chapter 3, Noelle grows in more ways than one as she lets go of her stress and focuses on what matters most, like doing whatever it takes to be fucked to climax.

I’ll be unveiling this story in five chapters, each one lewder than the last. I’m proud to be able to offer author-read audio for each installment. This is a way to ensure increased accessibility for members of the kink community who use screen readers, and adds some extra sexiness for my fellow audiophiles.

Scroll to the story content section if you want to jump right to the story.



Topic & timing

This section grew (heh) into its own kinky blog post, which you can read in full here: Embracing My Inner Size Slut.

(Discussion of agency, bodily autonomy; nonconsensual themes in size play, hypnosis, mind control and bimbofication; mentions of trauma and resources for survivors of sexual assault.)

Why am I writing a story about a woman losing her agency? Why am I releasing it right now?

The short answer is that I began writing this back in April, and it’s done, and I want to share it.

The medium answer? My body responds to fantasies about giving up control, especially when I’m stressed. I’m far from alone in this. Many people have fantasies about someone forcing them to do the sexy things they find most arousing. My first kink-informed therapist told me that she believed “it’s a way to give ourselves permission to explore pleasures that society tells us are taboo.”

In recent months, I’ve been stressing a lot about bodily autonomy. Sometimes we want to avoid stressful topics when we explore erotic things. Other times, it feels really good to use stressful topics in erotic ways, to process our feelings and reclaim a sense of agency.

True, it’s ironic I’m reaffirming my agency by writing a story eroticizing a loss of control and bodily autonomy… but it’s still my choice. I wrote this story on my terms, to explore these themes in ways that feel really good to me. (Literally, each time I had to make a decision about where to take the story, I chose the option that turned my body on the most.) I’m releasing the story now in the hopes that if someone else out there needs to process stress in this way too, it’s here.

I’ve written about this elsewhere, but it’s worth repeating what I learned from her:

Having fantasies where sex acts are forced on you or others does not mean you want to act on them in real life, or that you do not understand trauma or lack compassion for survivors of violence. It means your body responds to a fantasy, and you get to decide what you want to do with that information. We are not our thoughts, and we are not our fantasies. Some survivors find healing and liberation through exploration of noncon fantasies, and that’s okay. Some never want to interact with these themes again, and that’s okay too. As long as every real person involved in your fantasy play (such as you reading my story online) is a fully informed consenting adult, then the act you are participating in is inherently consensual.

A fantasy that I have for myself, or that I share with my consenting partner, is inherently consensual. That’s true even if the topic of the fantasy is pretending that I’m being forced against my will. If I fantasize that a Giant picks me up and shoves me in her panties without asking first, I am consenting to my own fantasy. If I explain my fantasy and ask my partner to roleplay that with me and they say yes, they are consenting to my fantasy. All the real people involved are able to say no and stop the fantasy at any point.

For the record. Beyond the realm of fantasy, I do not condone sex acts without consent. Erotic fantasy play between two individuals in reality in person and online should always include negotiation, fully informed consent, and protections such as content tags, safewords, aftercare, and emergency planning.

If you or anyone you know has experienced sexual harassment, trauma, abuse, or assault, I strongly suggest seeking advice and counseling from trained professionals. These are usually free and confidential. See my blog post for a full list of resources for survivors.

We really need to take care of each other and ourselves right now. Be gentle with yourself. Set boundaries. Figure out how your body in particular asks you for different kinds of rest, like mental downtime or peace and quiet. Find ways to listen. If your brain and body don’t feel good about reading this story right now—if “all parts of yourself don’t consent to exploring this today” like my EMDR therapist would put it—then it’s okay to say no. You can come back later and see if your brain and body give you a different answer on a different day. It’s okay if it stays a no.

The most important thing is to listen to your body and decide what’s right for you. After all, no matter how much we fantasize otherwise, you’re the only one who can decide what’s right for you.


Artwork & shout-outs

I’m thrilled and deeply grateful to @pseudo_size for creating this GORGEOUS and sexy render art of one of my favorite moments in the story.

Render art by @pseudo_size of a giantess growing inside a glass room in a museum, while two smaller people look on from outside. A man stands at the controls, and a woman holds a towel closed while smirking down at the giantess, who looks very aroused and has her hand up as if begging. Her breasts are expanding at enormous sizes.
Art by pseudo_size. Do not repost without permission.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this story would not be what it is without pseudo and his help. His skill and empathy in beta reading, his insight into character development, story arcs, strengths and vulnerabilities, all of it helped me tell the story I was trying to tell.

Please go check out his art and writing, including a new story he began sharing for Pride Month, Holding Space. It’s one of the sexiest stories I’ve ever read in the size kink community.


Story inspirations

Inspiration for this story comes partly from a place that’s been on my bucket list for years, The Vagina Museum. It’s hardly the only museum of sex, but it is the world’s first bricks-and-mortar museum “dedicated to the gynaecological anatomy.” Learn how to support their work in my introduction to Chapter 1 (and discover why I’ve chosen to depict nonprofits in this way).


Support the author

Money is tight right now. I have twelve works of fiction in progress, ranging from wholesome to kinky as fuck. I’d like to continue releasing them here for free.

If you enjoy this story and want to see/hear more like it, the best way to do that is to support me financially. (The second best way is to boost the signal on my stories and encourage your friends to support me, too.) Thanks, y’all!


Story content

Tagging is the only way I know for people online to be able to opt in or out of a sexual experience with fully informed consent. I welcome help in tagging—please let me know when I have missed anything important.

Tags for the story overall will include:

F/m/f, f/M/F, f/F – (shrinking, growth, public play, exhibitionism, breast & ass expansion, humiliation, objectification, dubcon/noncon, mind control, intelligence play/bimbofication, hypnosis, begging, orgasm denial, jealousy, cuckolding, BDSM, voyeurism, masturbation, entrapment, claustrophobia mention, licking, sucking on fingers and feet, kisses, insertion, cunnilingus, penetration, and “bigger on the inside” magic for fucking tinies.)

Tags for this chapter in particular include:

F/m/f, f/M/F – (shrinking, growth, public play, exhibitionism, breast & ass expansion, humiliation, objectification, dubcon/noncon, mind control, intelligence play/bimbofication, begging, orgasm denial, cuckolding, BDSM, entrapment, claustrophobia mention, and “bigger on the inside” magic for fucking tinies.)



Read the story

AUDIO VERSION: Listen to an 18-minute author-read version of the story here.

I recorded this audio in a single take, and this is my first time editing my own audio, so please go easy on me. If you’d like to help me buy a bonafide mic and a pop filter to make the sound quality better for future recordings, I’d welcome donations of any size.

TEXT VERSION: Read the text version of the story behind the cut.


Woman, in Ecstasy

Chapter 3

2240 words

By Elle Largesse

Copyright 2022, all rights reserved.


Lisa watched me, making sure I knew her hand was on the lever that controlled my intelligence. Drinking in my expression at the knowledge of what was about to happen to me.

I have to admit. It was an impressive kind of relief when she pulled that damn lever. Just like the arousal pulsed inside me, and the lowered inhibitions had given me the confidence to say “Oh, hell yes,” this last experience was a new level of liberation. I laughed. It was like making a wish on a dandelion and watching all my worried thoughts just puff away with a single breath.


“Wow,” I said.

Lisa grinned. “Wait till you start orgasming. It can reach whole new levels. Oh, hey,” she said, tilting her head and smiling. “I can remember what that prof said about dopamine reward loops again!” She shook her head, then winked at me. “Not that it means anything to you, of course. Don’t worry about it, just focus on having fun.”

I laughed and smiled down at my breasts, jiggling so beautifully. I looked over my shoulder at the whirring, thrusting Fucking Machine and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get it inside me, but it had beautiful colors and looked good and thick and hard.

I smiled up at Daniel and Lisa and Kal. “Can you help me, please? I am SO horny. I really want to be fucked now.”

Daniel grinned so widely he almost looked proud of me. “Noelle, you are… you’re just so sexy and perfect.”

I glowed with his praise.

He gave me a sexy powerful smile that made me shiver inside. But then he frowned, and looked to Lisa, as if at a loss. “I’ve never encountered this kind of problem before. You’re the expert here. What do you think I should do?”

Lisa tilted her head and looked at him with wide eyes. Then she smiled real slow as if she was happy about something only she knew.

She leaned close to Daniel, her pretty red hair falling over her chest and his. She whispered something in his ear. He put his hand on a new dial and started to turn.

Bigger. All of me swelled bigger. My breasts. My ass, pushing outward in all directions, leaving me gasping as my panties shredded and snapped off entirely. It hurt, but in the best way.

My whole body inched larger and larger. I was surprised until I felt the Fucking Machine begin smacking against my ass cheek. “Oh!” I giggled, biting my lip as I grinned up at Daniel and my spectators. “That was really smart, Lisa.”

She nodded at me, smiling and dipping her head like a queen.

Queen or not, she was already looking small next to me. I held out my hands to watch them grow. It was hard to tell through the glass, but I thought I could have reached my thumb and middle finger around Lisa’s waist. I felt heat in my cheeks at just the thought of picking her up like that.

I put my hands back on the floor and tried to line myself up with the Fucking Machine. My tits were so big and heavy, I was panting just trying to haul them with me. I rolled my hips up and back, feeling the dildo on the machine slam against my ass closer, closer… almost there…

I realized I would need to use my hands, so I let myself fall forward on my big bouncy tits, and reached around behind.

“What a view!” I heard Daniel say. “Now that is a sight to behold.” I grinned and laughed, and worked my massive ass cheeks apart. I lifted my hips to position it by my pussy and finally, finally, the dildo slammed inside me.

There was nothing gentle about it, like the way Daniel usually stroked me first to wet his tip, then slowly push inside. The machine just knew forward and back, in and out. The dildo rammed forward into me, opening my vagina in an almost painful way. But inside, my arousal had me lubed up and aching for more, and with each thrust the dildo felt slicker and better. I cried out and began fucking it back. The empty ache became a desire for something to fill me up completely.

“It feels so good!” I moaned. “All this made me so horny, I just…” I frowned, looking back at the tiny dildo. Now that it was wet, it was too small to be satisfying. “Bigger?”

Daniel grew me larger. I began to fill the space, my breasts against the glass again and filling it up. The whole room pulled tighter, like a corset. The Fucking Machine felt smaller and smaller, until I could barely feel it. I pressed my hands against the glass, my whimper so loud it echoed across the museum.

I twitched my hips against the too-small dildo and tried to imagine getting off with it. I reached a hand around under my big breast, intending to push it down between my legs so I could stroke my clit. But my shoulders and my breasts nearly filled the enclosure. I couldn’t reach.

My pussy felt so empty and the little dildo on the machine was practically an annoyance, a reminder of how good this could feel, if I could only find my words and ask for what I wanted: a bigger dildo to fuck. But the words were slippery. My thoughts were like bubbles sliding away or popping each time I tried to hold one.

“Please,” I tried. “I need it—bigger—”

He pushed me bigger. Now, I’m not an angry person usually. But my arousal made me… almost angry. Almost ready to shove my shoulders against this glass and… what?

Daniel and Lisa and Kal looked so small on the other side. A kinky thought appeared in my mind, shiny and bright.

If it weren’t for the glass, I could reach down, pick one of them up, and use them instead of the Fucking Machine.

Lisa put her hand on Daniel’s hand. She whispered in his ear. My jaw tightened. Was that groaning sound coming from the metal frame of the exhibit? Or me?

Daniel nodded his little head, then called out to me in a voice that was so sexy and so tender that it melted my frustration completely. “Can you use your words for me, baby?”

Was that the voice he would use on me as a Dom? I ached to hear more.

I closed my eyes and rested my forehead against the glass. “It’s too small,” I said slowly. “Can you make it… bigger? Please?” I gave Daniel a pleading look.

He frowned and seemed to be thinking.

Suddenly I pulsed smaller. Shrinking! I laughed with relief, with actual delight. I breathed deeply as the walls fell away. I pushed down the anger I had felt, forced it to take up less space just like I myself was taking up less space.

The second my arm was free to move, I shoved my fingers hard onto my clit. Rubbing and gasping and shrinking.

I moaned as the Fucking Machine took on more substance within my aching cunt. At first it was barely there, then the size of a tongue or small finger. Giving up my size seemed an easy price to pay for this thing to feel bigger inside of me.

“Babe, you’re brilliant!” I grinned and tossed my hips back and forth, letting my ass wobble.

Smaller and smaller, he turned the dial. My tits remained enormous to me, and my ass jiggled shamelessly with each thrust from the machine. But all of me shrank. The dildo filled me more and more with each thrust. “Oh yes,” I said. “Oh yes, oh please yes.”

“Hey sweetheart,” Daniel said through the glass. “I really want to keep shrinking you.”

“And fucking me?” I stared at him, mouth open, panting like an animal in heat. I was so desperate to cum I couldn’t think straight.

“Well, you’re going to get too small for the dildo soon.”

That made me moan and nod eagerly.

“Please don’t stop fucking me!” I looked up at him, craning my head back as he turned the dial and I shrank. Nearby, my eyes landed on what remained of my pretty blue and white bra. I reached for it, and snagged my fingers on the back strap. I held it up with awe, and even as I was getting fucked from behind, unable to hold it steady, I could see the way the metal hooks had bent out of shape when it snapped. The cups were wrinkled and had been pressed flat by my growing body, but now they looked enormous to me. So big that I could have shoved my whole face into a cup and still had room to spare. And yet, my tits were still so huge that the same bra cup wouldn’t have covered a single areola!

It turned me on so much that I clutched the bra to my chest and lifted my hips against the machine. It seemed to thicken inside me with each thrust. The bra became bigger by the second, until the cups completely blocked my view of the glass.

I groaned, pushing the bra down into my cleavage in annoyance, just in time to see Daniel turn the dial some more. I jiggled smaller for him, smaller, like little earthquakes meant to compress my big, awkward sexy body into a travel size. Each tremor shoved my tits and ass against the floor and I shuddered. The dildo thrust larger inside me.

“Feels… so… BIG…” I said. My voice shook.

“Are you having a hard time cumming?” Lisa said. She smirked down at me through the glass, now so much taller than me that I was eye level with her nipples.

Was she making fun of me?

“It can be hard when it’s all new.” She played with the breast and ass controls, bringing them back down to more manageable sizes. My ridiculously big bra fell from my cleavage to the floor. I laughed into a moan when I realized that I now considered tits I could lift with my own hands to be “manageable.”

I massaged them gently, sighing. “Thank you. Just too much to feel!”

Lisa smiled. “I know. Your nipples get so oversensitive when they drag on the ground like that. Nobody ever thinks about what that’s like! Just distracts from a good orgasm.”

Beyond her, Daniel whispered something to Kal. I groaned, my eyes closing briefly. Whatever they were talking about, it was too much for me. When I looked again, Daniel seemed to be making some kind of argument, and I watched him slip money into the other man’s pocket. It was hard to focus as he pulled out a set of keys and opened a panel underneath the main dashboard. When it slid up into my view, it looked older and out of place with all the shiny controls. Less polished, more functional.

I felt the barest glimmer of curiosity at what this thing might do for me. Or to me. At least the shrinking had stopped, now that his hands were off the dial. Mostly I was just grateful that the machine kept fucking me. I rubbed my clit and tried to focus on the here and now. Leave all that other stuff for Daniel. It was his fantasy, after all.

“God, I haven’t seen those controls in ages,” Lisa said. Her eyebrows went up and she looked at Daniel with some admiration. “You really have been a fan for a long time, haven’t you?” She ran a fingertip down his chest.

I frowned. Focus, I told myself. But focusing on my cunt made me realize something.

“Hey guys?” I asked. “It’s really, um…” What was the word for this feeling? “It’s really tight…” I shuddered at the fullness. My body felt so impossibly close to release.

They weren’t paying attention to me, though. “I’ll never forget this one,” Lisa said, her hand on one of the newly revealed buttons. She smiled, first at Kal, and then a longer lingering look for Daniel. “Physical plasticity. The body responds by safely accommodating sizes, spaces, that it couldn’t ordinarily.” She laughed and shook her head. “Things got so weird with this one they had to take it out of circulation.”

“Oh, yeah,” Kal said, as if reminiscing. “The bigger on the inside button.”

“Tight,” I whimpered. I hung onto that word. The dildo seemed so big, and pounded me so hard, I could barely think at all.

“Are you sure?” Daniel asked. He wasn’t looking at me when he said it. He was looking at her.

She met his gaze, and I swear even though she was normally shorter than us both, in that moment, it was like she was the tallest person in the room. “Do you trust me, Daniel?”

He looked down at the controls and blushed. Hard. He fiddled with one of the dials without looking up and I felt myself start to shrink again.

I panted as the thrusting machine grew thicker and longer inside me. It hurt, but in the best way. “Daniel… please… so tight…”

“Well?” Lisa demanded.

He nodded, then ducked his head. “I trust you.”

Lisa crossed her arms impatiently. “Then do it,” she said. “Press the button.”



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