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Kinky Scribble: Big & Snuggly

Introducing Big & Snuggly, a 1080-word kinky scribble collaboration between myself and pseudoclever, featuring some romance and polyamorous dynamics between a Giant woman and her partner.

Collaborating on a kinky scribble

Because this was inspired by role play between pseudo and myself, I handled it a little differently than my previous kinky scribbles. (See below for more about how my scribbles usually work.) I checked in with him before writing and also made space for him to beta read, so he could review and update the actions and words I had written for him.

Why the extra steps? Beyond maintaining trust with my partner, a common part of online roleplay etiquette is that you don’t write the other person’s actions or dialogue for them. This is important no matter how little agency they might have in the scene itself, because outside the scene they are still a full human being. Everyone involved with any scene should be able to opt in or out with fully informed consent at any point. To quote Hardy and Eastman in The Bottoming Book, “We believe that you can play more, with more people, more safely, and go further out on the edge, if you start from the position of two equals negotiating something they both want to do.”

It became a fun collaborative piece and I’m grateful to be able to share this playful moment.

The featured image was adapted from a photo by Ginevra Austine on Unsplash.

How kinky scribbles work

A Kinky Scribble is a flash-fiction writing exercise idea I’ve been developing since January 2020, as a tool to break past my anxieties as a writer. Read my past Kinky Scribbles and learn more on my page, The Kinky Scribble Challenge

The strategy is to produce creative content in a short amount of time, give it minimal edits, and then release it into the wild for others to enjoy. My goals are to practice my fiction-writing skills, to produce more content while still reconnecting with the parts of writing I enjoy most, and to re-calibrate my sense of when something is “done enough” to share.

If you want to participate, I strongly encourage all #KinkyScribble creators to tag their content so that readers can opt in or out with fully informed consent. I’m not perfect about this, but practice has been helping, and I’m committed to doing better in the future. I always welcome help in tagging—please let me know if I have missed anything important.


Kinky Scribble: Big & Snuggly

(Content includes: F/m, growth, nudity, flirting, some romance, polyamory/ethical nonmonogamy, and mild claustrophobia)

1087 words; 1 hour and 15 minutes of writing time with two rounds of edits at about 30 minutes each, with an estimated 20-30 minutes for the beta read; 2 hours, 45 minutes total.


“I’m feeling big today,” I texted him slowly, carefully, while waiting for my morning cup of tea. I sat gingerly at our kitchen table, using two chairs pulled together to bear my weight. “Big and snuggly,” I amended, pulling the King-sized blanket tighter around my nudity. 

I smiled wistfully at the five bags of Jasmine Green steeping in our largest teapot, and made a mental note to ask my partner to buy more soon. I listened to his footsteps upstairs and cleaned a few drops of water off the table with my favorite kitchen towel, which was soft enough that I had once used it to take a nap while tiny. It made me wish for something that could cover all of me that way on a chilly morning like this. Even our largest blanket wasn’t up to the challenge of warming me up when my body decided to expand past a certain size.

The chime from his reply drew my gaze eagerly back to my phone, as small as a leaf in my palm. I squinted down at it. 

“It’s the perfect weather up here for big snuggles,” he said. “If you can fit up the stairs.”

I snorted. I looked up the stairway to the second floor of our new apartment, wondering if he’d changed his sheets from his date with the new person yet. I decided it wasn’t a dealbreaker. I had been wanting to see the view from his room, anyway. “For snuggles with you? I’d change to whatever size is necessary.”  

I took out the bags of tea, then lifted the tiny warm teapot to my lips and tilted it back, sipping from the spout as if from an odd ceramic straw. It took him a while to respond, and I wondered if he’d point out the obvious, that influencing my own size wasn’t always an option.

“After a few measurements, I think you could BARELY make it up the stairs at eight feet. They’re pretty narrow.”

My heart felt warmer than the tea as I smiled down at the little screen. “You took measurements of your hallway for me? Swoon!”

He left me with a kissing emoji and one question for myself: could I manage to shrink down to eight feet tall?

I set down the teapot and my cell phone, pushed back my chairs, and unfolded myself to my current full height. My messy morning hair brushed the 12-foot ceilings as I approached the doorway to the stairs. I leaned my forehead against the drywall, and the cool wood of the doorframe brushed against my bare nipples. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, trying to think small thoughts.

The blanket around my shoulders draped only to my knees. With each exhale, it slid over more and more of my bare skin. Which was a comfort in and of itself in the cold dark air of the early morning. But it wasn’t the kind of comfort I was craving. I wanted snuggles in a room with a view. I wanted to hold his body warm against my skin. I wanted more of him than a tiny string of text on a tiny screen. I wanted to be able to say yes to his invitation.

I heard a grunt of appreciation from the stairwell and bent my head lower to peer past the door frame. I could see only his sculpted runner’s calves and bare feet at the top of the stairs, but I could picture his smile. 

“Am I eight feet tall yet?” I asked. My body was getting less cooperative as I grew more impatient. On my next exhale I lost only a couple inches.

“You tell me,” he said. 

“Only one way to find out.” I bent lower, curling my body until I was able to push my shoulders through the doorframe and into the stairwell. I put my hands on the stairs to balance myself in the small space, then looked up to see his beautiful, fully nude body. And that smirk.

I smirked back, and began to climb. My breasts swayed with each step, and I knew he was enjoying the view. I felt a thrill as his cocky expression faltered.

“What’s the matter, love? Intimidated?” 

The tight space seemed to shrink around me as I expanded in eagerness. I grunted, annoyed as my shoulders grazed against either wall. It was hard to think small thoughts when all I wanted to do was pick him up and carry him to bed, but I held my size close. There would be no cuddles if I got trapped in the hallway. 

As I reached eye-level with his hips, I was treated to a view of my own as his excitement lifted my gaze. I licked my lips, no longer wanting just cuddles.

He took a step back as I came to my full height on the top stair. I loomed over him, locking my gaze onto his, and bent low to kiss him. I groaned into the kiss, feeling my size inch larger at the pleasure of finally touching him. 

I pulled back and with some urgency I whispered, “brace yourself.” I wrapped my hands around his shoulders, pulled him close into a hug, and lifted him clear off his feet. I moved as quickly as I dared, but still had to bend almost halfway over to make it into his room. 

Morning sunlight poured into the wide open space, illuminating his bed. I collapsed onto it gratefully, laughing as it protested our combined weight. 

I relaxed my hold on him and stretched out on his bed until my feet hung over the edge. After the narrow stairwell, the open dimensions of the room took the edge off my desire to grow, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I curled around him, the biggest big spoon. Sunlight made our skin glow as he kissed one of my breasts. “I fit up the stairs!” I said, triumphantly. 

“And I put on clean sheets,” he said, proudly. 

“Thank you for that. I think we make a good team.” I leaned forward and kissed his cheek, then his small, soft lips. I pulled back and sighed happily, soaking in the beams of light from the window. The warmth of our bodies fitting together was better than any blanket.

“What do you think?”

He smiled shyly up at me. His cock nudged me in the stomach, not nearly as intimidated. I found both equally charming. 

“I think,” he said, “that after this, I’m going to have to change the sheets again.”


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