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Kinky Scribble: Big & Snuggly

Introducing Big & Snuggly, a 1080-word kinky scribble collaboration between myself and pseudoclever, featuring some romance and polyamorous dynamics between a Giant woman and her partner.

Collaborating on a kinky scribble

Because this was inspired by role play between pseudo and myself, I handled it a little differently than my previous kinky scribbles. (See below for more about how my scribbles usually work.) I checked in with him before writing and also made space for him to beta read, so he could review and update the actions and words I had written for him.

Why the extra steps? Beyond maintaining trust with my partner, a common part of online roleplay etiquette is that you don’t write the other person’s actions or dialogue for them. This is important no matter how little agency they might have in the scene itself, because outside the scene they are still a full human being. Everyone involved with any scene should be able to opt in or out with fully informed consent at any point. To quote Hardy and Eastman in The Bottoming Book, “We believe that you can play more, with more people, more safely, and go further out on the edge, if you start from the position of two equals negotiating something they both want to do.”

It became a fun collaborative piece and I’m grateful to be able to share this playful moment.

The featured image was adapted from a photo by Ginevra Austine on Unsplash.

How kinky scribbles work

A Kinky Scribble is a flash-fiction writing exercise idea I’ve been developing since January 2020, as a tool to break past my anxieties as a writer. Read my past Kinky Scribbles and learn more on my page, The Kinky Scribble Challenge

The strategy is to produce creative content in a short amount of time, give it minimal edits, and then release it into the wild for others to enjoy. My goals are to practice my fiction-writing skills, to produce more content while still reconnecting with the parts of writing I enjoy most, and to re-calibrate my sense of when something is “done enough” to share.

If you want to participate, I strongly encourage all #KinkyScribble creators to tag their content so that readers can opt in or out with fully informed consent. I’m not perfect about this, but practice has been helping, and I’m committed to doing better in the future. I always welcome help in tagging—please let me know if I have missed anything important.


Kinky Scribble: Big & Snuggly

(Content includes: F/m, growth, some romance, polyamory/ethical nonmonogamy, and mild claustrophobia)

1087 words; 1 hour and 15 minutes of writing time with two rounds of edits at about 30 minutes each, with an estimated 20-30 minutes for the beta read; 2 hours, 45 minutes total.




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