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Lesbian Love Story: Dare You Not to Grow – Chapter 5

Hello, my lovelies! There are only two more chapters left in this gentle erotic love story between two sizeshifters at a coffeeshop. They decide to tease and dare each other not to grow while in public. They’re just friends, haha… unless~

In this chapter, Rae gives into more than one desire, and Jess discovers what it means to make love to another sizeshifter.

Skip to the story content section if you want to jump right in. Read Chapter 1 here, Chapter 2 here, Chapter 3 here, and Chapter 4 here.


About This Story

This began as a Kinky Scribble, but I found myself so enamored with the characters and the way they were enamored with each other, that I allowed myself the luxury of months to write and explore. To go more in depth, you know. (Pun intended.)

I was so excited to write this story that I sought out Girl Sex 101 by Allison Moon and K.D. Diamond to better understand and write about the way women have sex. I may have been in more than one relationship with other women, but I also have an inkling of just how much I don’t know. I keep meaning to start blogging my book reviews, but if you’re interested, I kept up a twitter thread with my thoughts on the book and its value to anyone who wants to have sex with women. I found the “Embodied Yes” and “Difficult Conversation Formula” sections especially useful for this story. The pages on techniques for hand sex and oral sex with different kinds of bodies are definitely dog-eared and already well-loved in my house. It’s such a wonderful resource!

Here are some examples with diagrams for any fellow sex geeks out there. I think it’s an especially great resource for my fellow creatives out there, writers and artists alike. Can you tell I love this book?

Graphic showing
Click on the image to zoom in for the diagram details~


Click on the image to zoom in for the diagram details~


Shout Outs

I commissioned art for this story by the lovely LadyEgg. Isn’t it gorgeous and so sweet? Please go follow her and support her on Patreon if you are able!  She is lovely to work with, and has been so kind and patient with me on not releasing the art for the five months it took me to finish rewrites and edits.

I’m also thrilled to say that I was able to commission her for a new work of art to celebrate the sixth and final chapter, and she knocked it out of the park. It is sexy and romantic and I can hardly wait to share it with you all!!

In fact, seeing her complete the new artwork in December was one of the things that made me yearn to come back to this story again. Creatives helping creatives is one of my favorite parts of the Size Twitter community.

Here’s a closeup of her original art to enjoy.


A tiny woman straddles a strawberry as a large hand pats her on the head. She has pink hair in two braids and is nude, showing her breasts and penis, and also has pale skin that is showing her happy blush. Art credit to @_LadyEgg.
Art credit to @_LadyEgg. Do not repost without permission.


I also commissioned a sensitivity read with Ana Valensa reporter and member of the size kink community. She gave me feedback and additional insight on my pairing between a cisgender woman and a transgender woman. I’m pleased to report that she said it was “incredibly hot and well written,” and that she “utterly adored it.” I’m grateful for her suggested changes and nuance on experiences that hopefully made this story stronger and more true to life for trans women.

When I asked her thoughts on tags for this and for my latest article, “Content Tags: Accessibility, Edgeplay, & Surprise Sex,” she recommended I use either F/f or CF/tf in my gender tags. Though TF is also used for transformation kink, we decided that having it in the slash format would clear that up, and she pointed out that TF is commonly used at places like r/GoneWildAudio and r/GWASapphic. As of this writing, Ana is open for more sensitivity readings on: kinky relationships, lesbian relationships, trans women & trans feminine experiences, and queer friendship.

Friendly reminder: if you seek out a sensitivity reader to help you gain more perspective on your work, please pay or barter with them. Do not ask for free labor on this, even if they are your friend. Perhaps especially so! 



This story will run for six chapters, ranging from 1200 to 3400 words each, with content tags for each chapter as well as for the story as a whole. I plan to release them weekly. Here’s a teaser for you:


Story content

Tagging is the only way I know for people online to be able to opt in or out of a sexual experience with fully informed consent. Learn more about why and how to use content tags, and browse tags important to the size kink community in my article “Content Tags: Accessibility, Edgeplay, & Surprise Sex.”

I welcome help in tagging—please let me know when I have missed anything important.

Tags for this story include:

F/f, CF/tf – Growth, shrinking, gentle, public play, teasing, mention of foot play, mild dissociation, so much sexual tension, a panic attack averted, pocket riding, hand held, romance, feelings, relationship, the L-word, love, licking fingers, kissing, mouth play, food play, chocolate, cake, strawberry, singing, music, handheld, body exploration, panties, cunnilingus, insertion, trans femme masturbation, full-body licks, breast play, aftercare

Tags for Chapter 5 include:

F/f, CF/tf – Growth, gentle, public play, teasing, body exploration, panties, cunnilingus, insertion


Read the story

TEXT VERSION: Read the text version of the story behind the cut.

AUDIO VERSION: I am saving up to commission a voice actor to read this story. If you’re as excited by that as I am, please buy me a coffee to help it become a reality sooner!



Chapter 5: Mapping Her Pleasure

1426 words

By Elle Largesse

Copyright 2023, all rights reserved.



I had been with women of all kinds, but I had never been with another sizeshifter.

I had buried my face between thighs. I knew what to do with the different body parts I might encounter there. I had researched the many options. Memorized anatomy. I had tested out my theories on myself and others, and counted the successes, the lessons, the moans. I hadn’t made a spreadsheet or anything, though I might have taken notes. Don’t tell.

I had plenty of experience, sure. But I had never slid my way into someone’s panties and felt the potential for an earthquake. Never felt such power from so small a vantage. It felt dreamlike. Suffused with a new kind of wonder and unknown.

The hair on her Pubis mons curled thick and a little rough around my feet. Then on my shins and hands and knees as I knelt there. I leaned down and inhaled, smiling to myself. She smelled musky, with a little sweat and a little tang. I wanted to taste her.

The voices above seemed distant, but I still factored them into my equation. I held myself in anticipation until they faded to silence.

Rae lifted. The fabric all around me moved as she tugged on it, adjusting to give me as much space as possible. Which wasn’t much. But then again, I wasn’t all that much right now, either.

Her hand cupped me briefly through the fabric. A risky gesture in public, but one that made me arch my back against her presence. I moaned.

One tap. Two. Three.

I slid down into deeper darkness. Feeling my way into her subterranean levels like a geologist counting layers.

Her folds, unfolding for me.

Her skin, pulsing with heat.

Her flavors, ripe with the essence of her.

Her clit, like the tip of a strawberry hiding in the layers of a crepe. Soft and round under my mouth as I sucked.

She writhed around me.

When you can shrink, it’s easy to notice all the parts, to dwell in the details, and lose track of the whole. I can see the world in high definition, and it makes me a better writer. I know how to research, too, and, as I massaged her Corpus cavernosum—the internal wings of her clitoris under her Labia majora—I hoped it all made me a better lover.

But dwelling small in my beloved details also disconnects me from the meaning, sometimes. The greater meaning, the painting beyond all these meticulous brushstrokes.

I caressed Rae’s tender skin and yearned to see her face at the same time. I ached to know her responses. To chart the full map of her pleasure, and not just these millimeters.

I did the only thing I could think to do. I moved closer. I pushed one hand slowly between. Inside.

Rae and I hung suspended and motionless for a long moment, as tremors of potential thrummed through her body. I tapped our signal on the skin of her massive thigh. Tremors of muscle moved in the walls of her thighs.

Distantly, I heard and felt the clap of her hand on her knee. Three times.

I slid within. Deeper still.

I moved into her feet-first, sighing with the kind of animal pleasure you experience stepping into a warm bath. Rae’s body welcomed me. I had been in her mouth tonight, a frantic chaos of pleasure, and her pocket, a close and peaceful darkness. This was like both. It was like neither. It was its own unreal and intimate experience.

Everything else fell away. Even the details fell away as my perspective adapted. Looking up in the dim light I could see my arms and hands bracing into her folds—Labia minora, the thought floated into my mind. I allowed the thought to drift, letting it go.

She glistened in the surreal otherworldly glow of clothing seen from inside. I felt like I was swimming into a grotto where I would need to trust my sense of touch above all else.

No more details. No more anatomical terms. Just a heartbeat, and wet arousal, and the heavy heat of her body around mine.

There was nothing else in the whole world but this space inside this rare and beautiful woman.

I began to move for her.

I plunged out of my reverie as Rae lifted up, standing suddenly. I was still inside her but my angle changed dramatically and I felt the sway of her hips. I like feeling sexy hips moving against mine, but it’s a very different sensation when you are inside the person whose pelvis is swaying. My shoulders and arms were still free, so I braced myself on either side of her vulva to keep myself from slipping out. I decided she must be going to the restroom for privacy.

“Gonna go out for a smoke, can you watch my laptop?”

I heard the bell on the door. Slow, controlled steps gave way to something fast, more erratic. Like she was staggering.

I had stopped moving inside her, stopped reaching to caress her clit. I braced myself harder. “Up-side-down in the pussy of my new girlfriend as she staggered around in public” wasn’t my preferred role-play scene, anyway.

Several minutes of this left me confused. Was she going to her Jeep? Rule number one of giant sizeshifting was very different than the rules for me and my Altoid tin: when you can’t stay small, avoid enclosed spaces, especially those made of wood, stone, and metal. Even her open-air Jeep was a risk for her right now. The hell was she doing?

Rae’s body hit something with a thud, as if she were falling back against a door or a wall.

“Oh, God,” she said. I heard the sound of metal jingling and rattling. She was moving her body in a way I couldn’t interpret.

Suddenly blue-white light poured into the intimate space. From a nearby streetlamp? She had pulled off her overalls, which was bad enough, but more alarmingly, she had also pulled down her panties. A soft glow trickled over Rae’s face and shoulders and the curve of her chest—still barely clothed in a straining tank top—and the soft curls of her pubic hair. I couldn’t see much past her Pubis mons or her breasts.

“Rae?” I called up to her, as loudly as I dared. “Rae, are you okay? Are we alone?” I could barely make out the brick pattern of a wall behind her, and the night sky up and beyond.

“Yes. Yes. Behind the coffeeshop. Alone. Please don’t stop.” The light was too dim to read facial expressions, but I could still see her face. She pulled one of her lovely breasts to the side and peered down at me, her eyebrows drawn together, her lips parted. She was breathing hard.

“Oh,” I said. My fears for her safety evaporated. I probably should have dwelled more on my fear for us both getting caught out here. Because in spite of what people might assume, I’m not fearless. I just often prioritize other things first. Like fun. And pleasure. And my enormous girlfriend begging me to lick her clit and fuck her with my entire body.

I reached eagerly up to stroke the folds of her vestibule and the hood of her clit. I heaved myself up into position and opened my mouth to wrap my lips over the swollen glans of her clitoris. I began to suck. She rewarded me with an impressive moan. Guess if we weren’t actually alone, we would soon find out.

She rocked her hips, pushing me into the tidal wave of her body. I hung on tightly. Sucked harder.

She groaned and fell to a crouch, then to her knees. I shuddered as the powerful impact traveled up her legs to my tiny body. But my eyes widened as a different kind of tremor reached me. Surrounded me, as much as her skin, her heat, her voice.

I smiled, pulling my mouth off her clit with a delicate lick. Her whimpering moan was delicious. I let myself pant, catching my breath as I admired her throbbing in front of me.

“Please… Jess…”

Her words washed over me, and I focused instead on our bodies. Mine and hers. My trust in my own sense of touch. Just as I felt the vibrations subside, I kissed her. Sucked her hard as she gasped.


So close, I thought. Come on, come on… Oh yes. There you are. Good girl.

“I’m gonna… I can’t…”

She grew.



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