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Lesbian Love Story: Dare You Not to Grow – Chapter 6

Today’s the day! I’m thrilled to unveil the special artwork and final chapter in my gentle erotic love story between two sizeshifters at a coffeeshop. They decide to tease and dare each other not to grow while in public. They’re just friends, haha… unless~

In this chapter, Rae unleashes her growth abilities and Jess discovers she will shrink for kisses, as they explore the alchemy of size magic and love.

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About This Story

This began as a Kinky Scribble, but I found myself so enamored with the characters and the way they were enamored with each other, that I allowed myself the luxury of months to write and explore. To go more in depth, you know. (Pun intended.)

I was so excited to write this story that I sought out Girl Sex 101 by Allison Moon and K.D. Diamond to better understand and write about the way women have sex. I may have been in more than one relationship with other women, but I also have an inkling of just how much I don’t know. I keep meaning to start blogging my book reviews, but if you’re interested, I kept up a twitter thread with my thoughts on the book and its value to anyone who wants to have sex with women. I found the “Embodied Yes” and “Difficult Conversation Formula” sections especially useful for this story. The pages on techniques for hand sex and oral sex with different kinds of bodies are definitely dog-eared and already well-loved in my house. It’s such a wonderful resource!

Here are some examples with diagrams for any fellow sex geeks out there. I think it’s an especially great resource for my fellow creatives out there, writers and artists alike. Can you tell I love this book?

Graphic showing
Click on the image to zoom in for the diagram details~


Click on the image to zoom in for the diagram details~


Shout Outs

I commissioned art for this story by the lovely LadyEgg. Isn’t it gorgeous and so sweet? Please go follow her and support her on Patreon if you are able!  She is lovely to work with, and has been so kind and patient with me on not releasing the art for the five months it took me to finish rewrites and edits.

I’m also thrilled to say that I was able to commission her for a new work of art to celebrate the sixth and final chapter, and she knocked it out of the park. It is sexy and romantic and I finally get to share it with you all!

In fact, seeing her complete the new artwork in December was one of the things that made me yearn to come back to this story again. Creatives helping creatives is one of my favorite parts of the Size Twitter community.

Here’s a closeup of her original art to enjoy.


A tiny woman straddles a strawberry as a large hand pats her on the head. She has pink hair in two braids and is nude, showing her breasts and penis, and also has pale skin that is showing her happy blush. Art credit to @_LadyEgg.
Art credit to @_LadyEgg. Do not repost without permission.


A tiny woman braces against the hand of a much larger woman who is sucking on her small breasts. The tiny has pink hair in two braids and is nude with pale skin and a semi-erect penis visible along her thigh. The giantess is blushing and has medium-brown skin and long wavy black hair. She's wearing a black strappy tank top and embroidered overalls, and is leaning against a tree. The image has the soft glow of early dawn. Art credit to @_LadyEgg.
Art credit to @_LadyEgg. Do not repost without permission.


Isn’t it gorgeous?? She really captured the soft light of dawn and the gentle energy I feel between the lovers. Also. I am swooning over her breasts and those lips! I am so, so happy with it!

I also commissioned a sensitivity read with Ana Valensa reporter and member of the size kink community. She gave me feedback and additional insight on my pairing between a cisgender woman and a transgender woman. I’m pleased to report that she said it was “incredibly hot and well written,” and that she “utterly adored it.” I’m grateful for her suggested changes and nuance on experiences that hopefully made this story stronger and more true to life for trans women.

When I asked her thoughts on tags for this and for my latest article, “Content Tags: Accessibility, Edgeplay, & Surprise Sex,” she recommended I use either F/f or CF/tf in my gender tags. Though TF is also used for transformation kink, we decided that having it in the slash format would clear that up, and she pointed out that TF is commonly used at places like r/GoneWildAudio and r/GWASapphic. As of this writing, Ana is open for more sensitivity readings on: kinky relationships, lesbian relationships, trans women & trans feminine experiences, and queer friendship.

Friendly reminder: if you seek out a sensitivity reader to help you gain more perspective on your work, please pay or barter with them. Do not ask for free labor on this, even if they are your friend. Perhaps especially so! 



Story content

Tagging is the only way I know for people online to be able to opt in or out of a sexual experience with fully informed consent. Learn more about why and how to use content tags, and browse tags important to the size kink community in my article “Content Tags: Accessibility, Edgeplay, & Surprise Sex.”

I welcome help in tagging—please let me know when I have missed anything important.

Tags for this story include:

F/f, CF/tf – Growth, shrinking, gentle, public play, teasing, mention of foot play, mild dissociation, so much sexual tension, a panic attack averted, pocket riding, hand held, romance, feelings, relationship, the L-word, love, licking fingers, kissing, mouth play, food play, chocolate, cake, strawberry, singing, music, handheld, body exploration, panties, cunnilingus, insertion, trans femme masturbation, full-body licks, breast play, aftercare

Tags for Chapter 6 include:

F/f, CF/tf – Growth, shrinking, gentle, public play, teasing, body exploration, panties, cunnilingus, insertion, trans femme masturbation, full-body licks, breast play, aftercare, pocket riding, hand held, romance, feelings, relationship, the L-word, love


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TEXT VERSION: Read the text version of the story behind the cut.

AUDIO VERSION: I am saving up to commission a voice actor to read this story. If you’re as excited by that as I am, please buy me a coffee to help it become a reality sooner!



Chapter 6: Touch Yourself for Me

3558 words

By Elle Largesse

Copyright 2023, all rights reserved.




I had been so busy, my body distracted by the new sensations of being inside her, touching her this way, bringing her pleasure, that I hadn’t even registered the subterranean rumbles.

The seismic shift within her broke the bounds of her ability to hold back, and she grew.

And grew.

She might have been eight feet tall. Her clit swelled right out of my mouth, thick and throbbing, as she grew past nine feet, ten feet. I almost wished I could be a more human height again to get an accurate sense of her size—and see her in all her glory. Estimating numbers was hard from this angle. Especially now that she was so large that her internal muscles were no longer squeezing tightly around me. I began to slide out, and tried to brace myself again.

It got harder as she scrambled out of her clothes, tearing off her tank top and peeling the denim off her ankles so she’d have something to wear later on. Leave it to Rae to think ahead while horny-sizeshifting. She couldn’t get to the panties in time and I gave a moan of my own as I heard them shred behind me. Fuck, that was hot.

But there went my safety net. I tried to look over my shoulder to see how far away the ground was now, and for someone three inches tall, it was probably for the best it was too dark to tell.

Rae whimpered. Even kneeling nude in the dirt in the dark in public, so turned on that she was losing control of her size, Rae remembered to keep me safe. Her hand covered me, as if she was spotting me at the gym for a difficult weightlifting challenge.

“I don’t know if I can stop growing until I come,” she said desperately. “I’m gonna… I want to… can I hold you on my clit?”

“Do it, Rae. Don’t stop ‘til you get enough.”

She laughed at my terrible joke, and I grinned, and she pulled me sopping wet from her enormous pussy, and pressed me lightly against her clit. I breathed a sigh of relief at how much easier this was on my ab muscles than my previous position. The cool pre-dawn air on my soaked body took the edge off the smothering heat, but I was still grateful for the warmth of her hand.

Do you have any idea how hot it is for someone to be so turned on by your skills at oral sex that they want to hold your entire body against their clit as their arousal forces them to grow taller than a building?

I didn’t either. Now, thankfully, I do.

A finger the size of a tree trunk tapped my leg three times. Yes?

I tapped twice to signal No. She pulled me back instantly, granting me instant freedom.

“Square Cube…? Law?” she panted, her whole body tensing.

“Nope! Just checking,” I shouted up at her.

“Was the, um. Pressure? Yeah?” I bit my lip, tasting her juices on my skin, and smiled up at her. She had been cute when she couldn’t stop talking. And she was cute now when she couldn’t find the words to talk at all. She was just so damn cute.

Was cute still the right word for someone of her size?


“Yeah!” I called up to her. I hit her hand three times. “I want more. You are so damn sexy!”

The tension of fear in her body softened and transmuted into the tension of passion.

She lifted me again, pressing me gently against her body. Oh my God, it felt so good. Somehow just as erotic as pushing inside her had been. There was something about having her hand there against me, holding me, supporting me. Proof that she wanted me there, right there, doing this exact thing.

The visible part of her clitoris was now far too big for me to fit my mouth around, more like the big red strawberry I had straddled earlier. I licked and sucked her anyway. Now that I wasn’t having to hang on or brace myself, I used my arms to press up and into the edges of her vulva. Feeling for the puffy, swollen parts of her clit hidden within her body. The Latin name surfaced in my mind and I buried the thought with sheer determination. No anatomy, only touch. Only us and our bodies and our pleasure. I stroked her, massaging with all my strength.

She moaned again. I felt the red hot tremors of her size energy pulsing outward from within. Bigger. I nodded, wanting to encourage her, and moaned happily as she swelled even larger. I could tell it was taking effort to not push me hard against herself. I trusted her.

I nuzzled her big throbbing clit, my whole face wet with her juices, her flavor, her scent, drinking her in.

“Jess, oh my God—” Her hand trembled, her body tightened. I raised my tired arm and smacked her clit one time, twice, three times.

She convulsed, shuddering with one more alarmingly large burst of size. She held me there against her trembling warmth with her thighs closed tight. Being trapped had never felt so good. So safe. Her moan was soft, different than the ones that had come before. Almost pained. Desperately happy. The moan of her foodgasm had nothing on this.

I smiled into her skin and listened to her heartbeat and felt like my heart would burst. When she pulled me back from her body, I stared up at her in awe.

It takes practice to estimate sizes when you’re like us. It’s even harder when you’re both a non-human size, and your perspective is giving you subjective, fun-house-mirror observations. For me, the trick to it is to look for landmarks and points of reference that don’t change. Like the single-story coffeeshop we nearly demolished from inside because we were horny.

Rae stood head and shoulders taller than the coffeeshop, I’m guessing at least fifteen glorious feet tall. She could have touched the top of a nearby pecan tree, if she hadn’t been so thoroughly distracted.

I was distracted, too. Dawn light had transformed her into a work of art, a pink and golden-orange glow shining on the curvy statuesque beauty of her.

She looked orgasmic, afterglowy, and peaceful.

She took a tremendous deep breath, and exhaled long and slow, watching the sunrise. It was a little like witnessing her savor the cake. This was her savoring her size. The freedom to just be whatever size her body wanted her to be. I knew she sometimes envied me the ability to sizeshift with fewer consequences. I quietly vowed to find ways to help her be large more often. Even if it meant more planning and a little less spontaneity, seeing her huge and happy like this would be worth it.

Though a little impulsiveness couldn’t hurt, I thought. I grinned as she looked around sheepishly, as if coming out of a dream to discover she really had lost all her clothes. She crouched down to hide herself behind the building. Then she picked up her overalls and made her way to a patch of grass beneath the pecan tree. She leaned against the trunk, sighed, and smiled down at me. I’m sure I looked adorable in her humongous palm, a tiny wrecked speck all sticky with sex.

She raised her hand and tipped me out to rest over her breasts. Then she leaned back against the tree to concentrate and let the size drain out of her. “You want some?” she asked sleepily. I tapped her hand yes. “Was that a no? I’m sorry, you’re really really tiny right now.” I raised my arm and used all my exhausted strength to smack her hard three times.

“Okay, brace yourself.”

There are no easy words to describe what it’s like to receive size from someone else. If her growth was like a volcano, her return to human size was like a deep sea vent or a geyser jetting heat and pressure and releasing it all into the air. But when she transferred it to me, a tiny sizeshifter, it was as if it needed to undergo an additional kind of chemical process. Her excess size drained into me like steam condensing from a vapor to a liquid that filled up a cup I had almost emptied.

She exhaled smaller. I trickled larger. The air around us grew warm, and she kept it slow to make sure we weren’t overwhelmed with heat.

All sizeshifters can do this to some extent, but it depends on your control, your own size, what your body wants to be at any given moment. Some days I can share my shrinking size energy with her to help her stay small. Some days she can sneak me a little of her growth size energy to help me keep my chin above the table. But taking size much beyond my “human” height is extremely hard, just like pushing her lower limits is a struggle for Rae, too.

It required physical contact, and more than once people had assumed we were dating because we were holding hands or finding some excuse to touch. I had always laughed that off. Now, I wondered what it had been like for her all this time to get her hopes up when I flirted with her. To touch me, to need that touch to pass for human. And to hear me laugh when someone suggested we might be a couple.

I waited until we were in speaking range again, choosing my words carefully. “Rae, I… I’m sorry for all the mixed signals. For not being a better friend to you. I shouldn’t have flirted with you like that all those times.”

She had stopped shrinking. I lay stretched across her soft cleavage now as if it were a hammock, with my feet at one shoulder and my head at the other, somewhere between nine and ten luxurious inches. So when she barked a laugh, I bounced in place. The heat was dissipating now that she had finished her sizeshift, but my face burned at her reaction.

“Jess! It was the mixed signals that hurt. Never apologize for flirting. You’re an Aries with a Libra moon, you gotta show the world your sexual prowess and you’ll flirt with anything that moves. It’s part of your charm!” She was smirking down at me, but her face softened. “It’s part of the reason I’m attracted to you.”

My face burned even harder and I kind of wanted to punch something. But only Rae was in reach so instead I rolled over and buried my face in her tits and screamed at the top of my lungs.

She laughed. “Ooh, that tickles. Do it again.”

I yelled even louder, making fists and bouncing them on her breasts like big pliable drums. “Mmm, I love it when you get wild.” She touched me, her hand delicate and instantly soothing along my body. I gave a full-body shiver, then let myself soften. I turned over and looked up at her. I pulled her hand to my body like a lover and intertwined with her fingers. She moved her hand back and forth, caressing me.

We stayed like that together as she dressed herself again, her hand only leaving me briefly as she pulled on her tank top. Her breasts swayed under me with their own strange rhythm and I smiled, daydreaming of the way her hips had swayed with me inside her. She bent low to pick up the remains of her shredded panties, “so the barista won’t have to.” I made a mental note to avoid her left pocket for the rest of the day, but approved of her thoughtfulness.

“Speaking of wild,” she said. “You’re kind of a mess, little lady. It makes me want to lick you. Would that be good?”

I melted. But I saw where her eyes lingered and gave a soft sigh. “It would feel very good. Just don’t expect me to… my clit may not get hard. No matter how good your technique is. But even if I don’t cum, that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy it.”

I glanced up at Rae, an old, tired defiance rising up in me at the thought of explaining, teaching, when I wanted to just enjoy this moment and be here with her. It dissipated when I found her looking thoughtfully up at the sky. The sunrise was putting on a show worthy of the gayest lesbian pride flag, all reds, oranges, and pinks with white clouds floating up from the horizon.

I wondered if she was thinking about walking with her head in the clouds. I had seen Rae go very, very tall before. Mountain tall. I had daydreamed about what it would be like to ride on her shoulder and touch a cloud with her someday.

“It makes me think of food, actually.”

“Taurus,” I said affectionately.

“Guilty as charged. But… Like, not every food needs to be orgasmically good to be enjoyable, to be a meal worth having.” She lifted a hand to touch the corner of her mouth, then swept it away in a wide gesture as she spoke. “There are a million reasons to try a new dish, or to go back to one you’ve loved for years.” She looked down at me when she said that, and I considered burying my face in her tits to scream again. “Because the way it makes you feel is important. Pleasure is important. I’d love to see you climax sometime, because it’s a really amazing form of pleasure, because it’s exciting. But pleasure is pleasure. I want to give you what you want. And you’re the one most likely to know what that is. I mean. Usually.” She winked at me and I laughed.

I brought myself awkwardly to my feet, standing with one hand on her jawline and a foot braced on her collarbone for stability. It brought me eye level with her lips.

“I want you to lick me clean,” I said. “I want to shrink back into your pocket. No, your cleavage! And only come out for vanilla lattes and more chocolate cake. I want to grow back to human size and run five miles and tear a hole in a punching bag and scream from the rooftops that I’m an idiot, and I’m the luckiest woman in the world, and my girlfriend has the biggest, softest tits!” She laughed but I managed to keep my feet. “And the biggest, softest heart.”

She put her hand at my back. Not forcing me, not pushing, just steadying.

She moved closer. Tilted her head as if by habit. And smiled as she kissed me. I groaned, leaning into her lips, her face, my arms caressing her cheeks. Nuzzling her.

She tilted her head some more. Kissing me around the side of my face, over my ear. She pulled away the barest millimeter and whispered something that made my knees weak.

“Shrink for me, Jess.”

I gave her my inches. Not in the alchemy of size magic that would shrink her, too, but in the exchange of presence and connection between people. It was the dance we’d been doing since I first slipped my arms around her and our cuddle-happy friends sang that there was no place they’d rather be.

I kissed her bottom lip. Then her chin. I leaned in eagerly to her throat, my passion for her filling my tired body and aching muscles with new purpose. I kissed her skin with a wet open mouth. Sucking along her neck. Nibbling. Feeling the rush of blood in her as her heart caught up with the pleasure of her body. Throbbing against me. Thumping faster. More kisses.

She moaned softly, and it was a different kind of sound than the distant resonance I had felt before when I was inside her. This moan, as soft as it was, filled my shrinking body with a vibration at its source. I leaned into the sound, kissing her throat harder, and moaned with her. Harmonizing, counting the seconds and the beat of this music, counting the beat of her heart, counting myself lucky and grateful and very, very aroused.

She tilted her hand, still braced at my back, and lifted my ass and hips until I was sitting on the edge of her palm. She raised me to her lips. “I want to taste myself on you,” she said, and the yearning in her voice left me breathless.

I was six inches tall and trembling when she opened her mouth and used the tip of her tongue to lick me. She started at my knees, slid up my thighs, and made soft, sensual circles around my clit, moaning as if she loved the flavor of me. Barely able to breathe, I made my own little noises of pleasure and rested my forehead against her cheek. She slid her tongue up my abdomen and over my stomach.

I was panting when she paused enough to murmur, “yeah?”

“Oh yeah,” I said.

She licked me again, humming with a familiar moaning happiness, then pulled back to watch me. The sunlight caught her smiling eyes and gilded her eyelashes.

“Touch yourself for me. I want to see what you like.”

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a woman you love, who is also your oldest friend who is also many times your size, command you to masturbate in her hand so she can learn about your specific turn ons, but damn. DAMN. I felt helplessly aroused.

I obeyed with a whimper, pushing one hand down roughly across my body, pulling my clit up hard against my abdomen. I went more gently with my fingertips over the glans on the underside of my clit, stroking in tiny circles that built with intensity.

A little precum slid from the soft tip, mixing with the lubrication from Rae’s saliva and also from her vagina that still coated some parts of my body. I felt like I was showing off for her, glistening for her in the early morning light. But I still shivered under her intense gaze. It was like she was watching someone frost a cupcake that she desperately wanted for herself.

I worked my hand up to cup my small breast and make more tiny circles over my achingly hard nipple. With my other hand, I made a fist, and pushed it down, down under my clit and under my soft, shrunken balls, pressing up hard against my perineum. I rocked my hips against it, grinding against my own knuckles.

“You are so good and so soft and so beautiful,” she murmured. Lips close. “Thank you for showing me.”

She went in again, circling her tongue more forcefully. She pressed my clit up against my body and used the very tip of her tongue to slide around the glans, then down to my tiny balls, then back up to my clit. She even pushed her tongue down between my thighs, nudging them open. I gasped as a thick fingertip worked upward, replacing my fist. Pressing up. I groaned and put my hand out to one of her fingers to brace myself.

“Harder,” I gasped, grinding down against her.

She pressed harder.

“My breasts?” I was all but begging.

“Mmm,” she said with a smile. “I know they’re really sensitive for you. Don’t forget to breathe.”

My steadying grip on her finger went white-knuckled as she leaned in close and her enormous mouth closed around both of my breasts at once. I gasped hard, repeatedly, as she gave me slippery, sweet licks and sucking pressure.

Now. I’m not saying my eyes rolled back in my head. I’m not saying I came close to passing out just from the overwhelming sensations and incandescent pleasure.

But I’m not not saying that, either.

What I will say is that when she let the slope of her lips slide over my nipples, releasing me, and when she gazed down at me through those long lovely eyelashes, I couldn’t think of a single word of English to convey how happy I was. I couldn’t even count the feelings dissolving in my blissed-out brain. I wasn’t even sure I could count, period.

I could tell you how she held me, and gently encouraged me to shrink small enough to tuck between her big, beautiful breasts.

I could tell you how we snuck back into the coffeeshop. How, when packing up our things, she laughed and showed me her crochet project. Rae had been making me a pocket sanctuary, complete with a little rope ladder to help me move up and down on my own terms.

And I could tell you how we both looked at each other, me smirking up at her from my new and improved pocket—her cleavage—and how completely touched I was at the gift, anyway.

I will tell you this. Before she closed the laptop’s privacy screen, before we left to find the best breakfast tacos I could afford, she smiled down at me and paused for a long moment.

“Love you, little lady.”

I smirked up at her. “I know.”

I kissed her breast and snuggled closer.



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  1. Olo Olo

    This just kept building and building a the perfect pace, weaving in the backstory of both the characters as well as a nod to expounding on life among the “normies.” Just enough detail to orient us but not so much as to slow things down.

    And then the smut rolls over us and doesn’t stop. You really got the weird intimacy of being enclosed in someone’s hand, which was all the more electric because Rae’s hand was where Jess first touched her ever. Once we’ve jumped into Rae’s overalls, Jess uses her familiarity with being tiny to guide us through the disorienting landscape of being inside a giant’s clothes. The story is from Jess’s perspective, but Rae’s reactions and thoughts are clearly (and eagerly) anticipated. Jess’s exploration of Rae’s nethers was…well-informed; no other way to put it. High replay value here.

    I hoped it all made me a better lover.

    The secret conceit of all tiny perverts.

    “Up-side-down in the pussy of my new girlfriend as she staggered around in public” wasn’t my preferred role-play scene, anyway.

    Really? Coulda fooled me.

    • mightytinygiant mightytinygiant

      Olo, this is long, long overdue, but thank you for reading and commenting on so many of my stories. I’m grateful to be your friend and to have your insight. Both on my writing, and in general as a fellow tiny pervert and lover of size writing. 😉

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