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Size Erotica: Woman, in Ecstasy, Chapter 4

“Woman, in Ecstasy” follows the story of a woman on a date with her boyfriend at a museum of sex. He convinces her to volunteer as part of a kinky art installation, where she grows, shrinks, and becomes a horny slut at the mercy of strangers—one of whom has eyes on her boyfriend. Read Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3.

In Chapter 4, Noelle discovers a new turn-on as Lisa and Daniel bond over shrinking her into a helpless plaything.

I’ll be unveiling this story in five chapters, each one lewder than the last. I’m proud to be able to offer author-read audio for each installment. This is a way to ensure increased accessibility for members of the kink community who use screen readers, and adds some extra sexiness for my fellow audiophiles.

Scroll to the story content section if you want to jump right to the story.



Topic & timing

If you want to know why I’ve written a story about a woman losing her agency, and why the hell a self-respecting feminist would choose this particular moment to release it, I answer those questions and more in a kinky blog post: Embracing My Inner Size SlutTopics include a discussion of agency, bodily autonomy; nonconsensual themes in size play, hypnosis, mind control and bimbofication; mentions of trauma and sexual assault, and resources for survivors.

We really need to take care of each other and ourselves right now. Be gentle with yourself. Set boundaries. Figure out how your body in particular asks you for different kinds of rest, like mental downtime or peace and quiet. Find ways to listen. If your brain and body don’t feel good about reading this story right now—if “all parts of yourself don’t consent to exploring this today” like my EMDR therapist would put it—then it’s okay to say no. You can come back later and see if your brain and body give you a different answer on a different day. It’s okay if it stays a no.

The most important thing is to listen to your body and decide what’s right for you. After all, no matter how much we fantasize otherwise, you’re the only one who can decide what’s right for you.


Artwork & shout-outs

I’m thrilled and deeply grateful to @pseudo_size for creating this GORGEOUS and sexy render art of one of my favorite moments in the story.

Render art by @pseudo_size of a giantess growing inside a glass room in a museum, while two smaller people look on from outside. A man stands at the controls, and a woman holds a towel closed while smirking down at the giantess, who looks very aroused and has her hand up as if begging. Her breasts are expanding at enormous sizes.
Art by pseudo_size. Do not repost without permission.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this story would not be what it is without pseudo and his help. His skill and empathy in beta reading, his insight into character development, story arcs, strengths and vulnerabilities, all of it helped me tell the story I was trying to tell.

Please go check out his art and writing, including a new story he began sharing for Pride Month, Holding Space. He’s planning to release the final chapter very soon and it’s one of the sexiest stories I’ve ever read in the size kink community.


Story inspirations

Inspiration for this story comes partly from a place that’s been on my bucket list for years, The Vagina Museum. It’s hardly the only museum of sex, but it is the world’s first bricks-and-mortar museum “dedicated to the gynaecological anatomy.” Learn how to support their work in my introduction to Chapter 1 (and discover why I’ve chosen to depict nonprofits in this way).


Support the author

Money is tight right now. I have twelve works of fiction in progress, ranging from wholesome to kinky as fuck. I’d like to continue releasing them here for free.

If you enjoy this story and want to see/hear more like it, the best way to do that is to support me financially. (The second best way is to boost the signal on my stories and encourage your friends to support me, too.) Thanks, y’all!


Story content

Tagging is the only way I know for people online to be able to opt in or out of a sexual experience with fully informed consent. I welcome help in tagging—please let me know when I have missed anything important.

Tags for the story overall will include:

F/m/f, f/M/F, f/F – (shrinking, growth, public play, exhibitionism, breast & ass expansion, humiliation, objectification, dubcon/noncon, mind control, intelligence play/bimbofication, hypnosis, begging, orgasm denial, jealousy, cuckolding, BDSM, voyeurism, masturbation, entrapment, claustrophobia mention, licking, sucking on fingers and feet, kisses, insertion, cunnilingus, penetration, and “bigger on the inside” magic for fucking tinies.)

Tags for this chapter in particular include:

f/M/F – (shrinking, public play, exhibitionism, humiliation, objectification, dubcon/noncon, mind control, intelligence play/bimbofication, begging, orgasm denial, jealousy, cuckolding, BDSM, entrapment, penetration, and “bigger on the inside” magic for fucking tinies.)



Read the story

AUDIO VERSION: Listen to a 23-minute author-read version of the story here.

NOTE ABOUT THE AUDIO: please be gentle with me! This is a very enthusiastic reading, but an imperfect one. Turns out, reading smut where I force a character to get so turned on she loses her words… has an interesting effect on my ability to read her part.

I had limited time to read this chapter in a single take, and while I did my best in Audacity to edit my worst stumbles in the sound clip, there were several others I left in. And some of the edits sound like, well, edits. I’m not going to let perfection impede the publication of this story any longer. Consider it added realism for Noelle’s descent into sluthood!

You may notice the audio quality itself improved this time. Thanks to @Giant_Micro for his tips on DIY pop filters. If you’d like to help me buy a bonafide mic and a pop filter to make the sound quality better for future recordings, or if you’d like to help me pay for audio engineering from a community member with experience, I’d welcome donations of any size.


TEXT VERSION: Read the text version of the story behind the cut.


Woman, in Ecstasy

Chapter 4

2672 words

By Elle Largesse

Copyright 2022, all rights reserved.


The shrinking stopped the second Daniel took his hand off the dial, leaving me eye level with Lisa’s breasts. But I wasn’t looking at her tits. I watched as he pointed a finger down and pressed.

Heat spread through my body. The dildo was still huge, but now something in me changed. Adapted. As if to meet the needs of the Fucking Machine.

“Keep shrinking her,” Lisa said. Daniel obeyed. And somehow, impossibly, my body shrank onto the silicone cock.

I looked down at the dildo, my body heaving and bucking against its size. It was definitely thicker than it should be, I thought. The pretty rainbow colors at the base distracted me for a happy moment, but then I shrank a little smaller and it looked even girthier shoving inside me.

“How?” I managed to ask. Daniel was looking at Lisa and didn’t answer.

How were they doing any of this? It was beyond me to think of answers. All I could do was experience it. A dildo too big for me, filling me, feeling so incredibly good. Thrust, thrust, thrust, the motion seeming bigger and harder with each passing moment as I shrank.

Lisa pressed a hand on the glass and watched me from above. I admired the underside of her breasts and then her face. She looked as horny as I had ever seen her. Even when I had watched her the other day, from the other side of this glass—riding this same dildo—I swear she hadn’t seemed half as lustful as she did now.

Soon I was looking up at her from the level of her hand on her hip and was turned on just by the sight of the desire in her eyes. “I used to have this fantasy…” she said. She trailed off, gazing at me the way Daniel had gazed at her beyond the glass. “Nobody was ever able to get it right, though. Just once, I’d like to get it right.”

I groaned, my fingers rubbing frustrated circles on my clit as I bounced on the big machinery. Another fantasy? I made a desperate sound and looked up at all the big people standing at the controls.

Lisa turned back to Daniel, a soft look coming over her. “You’ll help me, won’t you?”

Daniel blushed. Nodded. “Of course. I know what it’s like to have a fantasy just out of reach.”

It should have surprised me when she went up on tiptoes and kissed him. Open-mouthed and inviting. I watched the way he melted, almost swooning for her. It should have surprised me, but it didn’t.

It turned me on.

I watched them together like I was trapped in a wet dream, unsure if it was my own or someone else’s. His hands pushed open her towel and roamed over her freckled breasts, so similar to how mine usually looked that she probably could have worn my bra. If I hadn’t outgrown it, that is. Then outshrunk it too.

I could remember yesterday, how I had turned the knob and played with her breasts. Just like Daniel and Lisa had been playing with mine. It seemed like a long time ago.

I watched them together and stroked my tits where he touched her, and though I could just barely hold my breasts in my hands, it felt really really good. I spared half a thought to wonder why Kal didn’t look as happy at this as I did. How could he not be turned on by the sight of these two together? How could anyone look away from something so arousing?

“I’ve wanted that for so long,” Daniel said.

“I know.” Lisa smiled and pulled out of his arms. She took him by the shoulder and gently turned him back to the controls, then moved his hand back to the dial and the task of clicking me smaller. I gasped.

Then she stepped up to the glass door. The way she looked down at me as I shrank onto the machine, it took my breath away. Daniel had unwrapped her towel during their kiss and the only thing keeping it in place now were her hands. She opened them both theatrically, like a burlesque dancer dropping a scarf to reveal herself. The towel puddled at her feet, and my eyes inched up her ankles, calves, knees, thighs. My heart pounded in my ears. It took my breath away to see her completely nude. None of my experiences with her nakedness before could prepare me for seeing her like this. Her breasts were far above me now. Her belly button crept higher, and the red curls of her pubic hair loomed closer.

Lisa’s body radiated potential. Like only she knew everything it was capable of, all the pleasure it could contain. Like she didn’t need someone to move a lever to give her permission to ask for what she wanted.

“Smaller,” she said. “Faster.”

I grunted, both my body and Daniel’s hand on the controls obeying her command. Kal was avoiding eye contact, but at least he was watching me again. Part of me worried about putting on a good show. Whose fantasy was this again? Not mine, surely. But that made me pause. Why not mine? It felt so good.

My tiny form slid back and forth with each thrust. Smaller. Smaller. I moaned and shrank. My cunt was so completely full of big, bright rainbow dildo that I felt like there was no more room for worries or thoughts. Just more moans.

How could it be so big? How could I do anything other than fuck this big beautiful thing for this big beautiful lady?

Lisa turned to the control panel and tinkered with the size of my breasts, making them closer to their original sizes, and waited until I shrank just under the line of her pubic hair.

Then she flipped the switch that caused the Fucking Machine to stop mid-thrust. I cried out in protest, rocking my body up against it. Or, I tried to.

“Please!” I said, looking up at her. I knew what I wanted, too. And I wouldn’t be afraid to ask for it this time. “Please help me cum!”

The machine was made to fuck someone laying on their back or on their hands and knees, moving in and out level with the floor. But as the machine turned off, it began to reset and whirred backwards, its dildo lifting into the air. It was meant to look tempting to the people in control.

But now it carried me with it. My hands and feet left the ground, my cunt still stretched wide and so firmly lodged on top of the dildo that it lifted me completely. “Oh holy fuck,” I said. “WOW.” I struggled to lift myself up and off the machine, but it didn’t matter. I couldn’t budge.

I’d never taken cock this big before. This impossibly thick. It felt the way I thought it might be like to be fisted, but less intimate, more immediate. My vagina pulsed around it, throbbing, aching as if my own body were begging for it to get bigger. I moaned, deeply turned on to be penetrated by something so huge that I was literally trapped by it.

There was nothing for me to push against, no leverage. My feet scrambled for purchase on the rod the dildo was mounted onto, but found nothing. I rocked my hips and managed only to make myself sway. A memory came to me from the previous day, laughing with Daniel in the “hands-on” history exhibit as we touched, tweaked, and waggled sex toys at each other. They had swayed seductively. And ridiculously. I felt both of those things. If I could have seduced Lisa or Daniel, or even Kal, to just touch me. To move me. Tweak me or waggle me. I would have done anything to get this thick monster to fuck me again.

“This is some kinky shit,” Kal said. He looked impressed, but he was putting up his hands and backing away.

“You probably have some origami to fold,” Lisa said without looking at him. “For your fundraiser, right?”

“Right.” He glanced down at me almost possessively, his eyes wide but not really seeing me. “Should probably go take some notes, too.”

“Don’t forget the paperwork.” Lisa said cheerfully, gesturing to the bench they had been sitting on. “Should probably keep that in a safe place.”

Kal retrieved it and moved towards the door. “Call me when you’re, um. Done. Clean up after yourselves, and, just… Please don’t do anything that will get us arrested.” He laughed weakly, holding the clipboard against his chest. Daniel gave him an absent nod, but didn’t take his eyes off me. Then the three of us were alone.

“Please fuck me?” I whimpered, and tried to think of better words, and stroked my clit instead.

“Keep shrinking her,” Lisa said. I moaned agreement.

Daniel said nothing, but watched me as he turned the dial.

“Please,” I begged, pulsing smaller. “I don’t get what you’re doing, I just want to cum!” It felt like the longest string of words I had said in ages, but they had almost no effect. I fingered the lips of my vulva stretched taut around the dildo and I shrank, helpless and desperate for release.

“Okay, you can stop,” Lisa said casually, as if telling him to turn off the faucet for a bath. I sighed in relief as my body calmed. It hardly seemed possible, with a dildo nearly my own size, magically disappearing into my aching pussy. Exhausted and a little giddy, I found myself giggling as I swayed in place.

Lisa bent low to scoop up her towel, then looked Daniel in the eye and handed it to him. “You’re not going to touch any of these controls without my permission. Are you, Daniel? Say yes or no.”

He shook his head, his eyes very wide. “No.” He swallowed. “What are you going to do?”

“For once? What I want to do.” She took his hand in hers, pulling it away from the size dial, making him place his palm on the bulge between his thighs. “You have my permission to touch this as much as you want.”

God help me, but I laughed.

“What’s funny?” Daniel asked sharply, shooting me a look.

I laughed again, feeling fuzzy as I tried to focus on the distant memory. “Remember when the… the guy at the head of the class?” I looked at Lisa. Talking was a little easier now that I wasn’t moving or shrinking. I gave her a shaky, slightly delirious smile. “We were in the sex class together. Anyway… when the guy told us to stand up and put our hands in front of our bodies, and everyone’s hands fell right over our junk? And he said it meant that… um. Touching ourselves. That it was natural.” I giggled, and demonstrated by touching my own clit with both hands. “Wonder what he’d think of this.”

Lisa glared down at me through the glass. “You’re doing a lot of thinking down there, for a little slut with a cunt full of cock. Is your mind wandering, because we haven’t given you the proper attention?”

I nodded, still stroking. “Really, really, really wanna come.”

“You know,” she said wistfully, “I was always happiest when I could feel like a toy meant to make people happy. And toys should love their work, don’t you think?”

Before I could agree, she reached for the arousal lever and pushed it higher. I cried out and shuddered, laughter leaving me completely to be replaced by a long, full-throated groan.

All my thoughts lined up in a row, and all of them pointed towards sex, like sunflowers following the sun. How good this throbbing dildo felt inside! How naughty it was for me to be this naked and this sexed up in a glass room in public! I stroked my body and thought about the feel of my fingers on my skin. I thought about how sexy this day had been, how wonderful Daniel was to help me have this sexy experience, how kind Lisa was to teach me how I could fuck better and enjoy the fucking more. I thought about fucking Daniel. And Lisa. And even Kal. I thought about growing bigger than before, bigger than even the room, and fucking all three of them at once.

It was beyond an aphrodisiac. It was like the bubbles of thought were popping up one after another, each holding ideas about sex and pleasure, and I wanted to lather myself in each one. I wanted to bathe in my own arousal.

Lisa grinned. She locked eyes with me and pushed the lever until it could go no higher.

Soon I was drowning in it. I panted as wave after wave of shiny, sexy thoughts overwhelmed me. I felt desperate to be able to move my body on the impossibly huge dildo wedged deep within. But I was trapped. I wasn’t room-sized. I wasn’t even big enough to lift myself up and down on this dildo, let alone stand up and free myself. That was sexy as fuck.

It was also embarrassing to find out I could even be turned on by something so kinky that even Kal had left the room.

The thought popped into my head that maybe… This was my fantasy, too.

My hands gripped my elbows, and I hung my head for a moment. But even feeling embarrassed… That was hot, too. God, it was so hot. I dropped my hands and leaned into the natural pleasure of touching myself. My whole body felt alive with wanting. Would rubbing my clit ever get me off? The frustration of that was a turn-on, too.

I felt small and horny beyond reason and I’m not proud of it, but I pouted. “Why?” It seemed really unfair to me that the machine could have had sex with me, but I couldn’t have sex with it. Why were they being this unfair?

“Why what, my little slut?” She raised an eyebrow, then glanced at Daniel. “How did he get you to explain yourself earlier? Ah. Use your words.”

I blushed, new waves of arousal cresting over me at her casual degradation. It took me a long minute to be able to think of anything but my little slut. I lifted one hand to my nipple to pinch it. That made my arousal worse, but it also made it slightly more possible to think. “Why… turn me on so much?” I was breathing hard, but she had told me to use my words, and it felt sexy to try and obey her, so I concentrated hard. “Why, when you shrank me too small… to do anything about it?”

Lisa shrugged. She tilted her chin up and pushed her shoulders back. “Because I want to. Because that’s what happens when you agree to become art. People use you to please themselves.” Her lip curled. Part of me thought about kissing that lip. Or riding it, pressing my vulva against her mouth. Or slipping inside…

“Anyway. You’re overthinking this. Allow me to assist you with that.”

Lisa reached for another lever. I had just enough time to realize it was for my intelligence, before she pushed it all the way down, and that knowledge floated away. I gasped and smiled easily for her. The stress of the moment left me. No more waves to drown in, this was airy and light. These were here and then gone, like bubbles drifting on a breeze.

“God,” someone said. “Why is that so, so hot?” There was the sound of unzipping pants. It was a happy sound, but not enough to distract me from looking at Lisa. It felt good to look at her and her beautiful face and skin and breasts.

Lisa ignored the zipper sound too. Without saying a thing, she opened the door and stepped inside.


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